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Yuma Area Water Management System (YAWMS)

is a networked Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system designed to:

  • Remotely gather water flows and elevation data from wells to provide inputs for groundwater maps
  • Remotely gather power consumption data to maximize pumping efficiency and identify maintenance requirements

YAWMS is used to monitor and control 97 groundwater pumping wells.  Of these, 66 are Reclamation wells which can also be controlled remotely.  57 additional wells are used only for groundwater monitoring.  An introduction to how groundwater affects agriculture and real estate in our area can be found at:  Groundwater Basics.  An illustrated explanation of our YAWMS SCADA system is at:  YAWMS SCADA.

Well data collected by YAWMS are made available through the web interface; individual well data can be viewed either in a table format or as a graph. The data are from real-time monitoring and updated every hour.  Basic instructions for using this web site are as follows:

  • Click on the Well Data Displays menu option on the left-most menu.  This will display an overview map of the area.
  • Click on one of the four well fields: South Gila Valley, Yuma Valley, Yuma Mesa, or 242 Well Field. This action will display an enlarged map of the target quadrant.
  • Move your mouse cursor over an individual well site. Note that the well name is displayed below the map. Click on a particular well to display current or historical data.
  • Select your display options (table, graph, dates, and hydrograph), and then click on "Display Well Data" to display the desired well data.

For Telecommunications Relay Services (TRS) Dial: 711

Webmaster:  sha-YAO-WebComments@usbr.gov




Last Updated: 9/20/18