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Water Conservation

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Why is the Bureau of Reclamation involved with water conservation?

The Reclamation Reform Act of 1982 charged Reclamation to "...encourage the full consideration and incorporation of prudent and responsible water conservation measures in all districts and ...by non-Federal recipients of irrigation and municipal and industrial water..." The Act also required most districts and municipalities that receive water from Reclamation projects to develop water conservation plans, and directed Reclamation to cooperate with districts and other agencies in studies to conserve water supplies.

The Bureau of Reclamation's Yuma Area Office assists local Arizona and southern California Indian Tribes,irrigation districts, and other agencies with Water Management through Financial and Technical Assistance.

Technical Reports and Water Conservation Quarterly Updates published by the Yuma Area Office and its contractors are also available.

For additional information, about the Yuma Area Office Water Conservation Program, send an email to Agricultural Engineer, Nohemi Olbert.













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