Yuma Area Office
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Colorado River Water Delivery

Each year, about 7 million acre-feet of Colorado River water is released at Parker Dam for delivery to water customers served by the Yuma Area Office.  The majority of this water is used for farming in the Coachella, Imperial, Yuma and Mexicali Valleys.  At least 1.5 million acre-feet is delivered to Mexico to satisfy the requirements of the Treaty of 1944 between the United States and Mexico.

U.S. customers and Mexico schedule Colorado River water deliveries through this Office.  Our water operations personnel schedule new water orders and process changes to water orders to coordinate all water releases from Parker, Imperial and Laguna Dams.  Water released from Parker Dam requires about 3 days to reach Yuma, though water orders can be changed up until actual delivery.  Senator Wash, an off-stream regulating reservoir is used to balance water releases from Parker Dam with changes received after the initial orders are placed.

Warren H. Brock Storage Reservoir, an 8,000 acre-foot reservoir, is used to capture a portion of the non-storable flows on the Colorado River downstream of Imperial Dam that would otherwise result in excess flows to Mexico due to limited storage capabilities below Parker Dam.

Aerial view of IID

Aerial view of Imperial Dam and Desilting Works

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