Lower Colorado Region
Training and Conference Center (LCTC)
Rooms at a Glance


All of the LCTC rooms include modern technological features, and tables and chairs with casters to assist with easy manuverability.

Here are a list of our rooms showing each room's features. Click on the link to the room number for photos and more information.

Room Sq Feet Seats Instructor PC w/Internet SMART Board Flip Chart Phone VTC
 100  731 40-50  X  X  X  X  
102 762 40-50 X X X X  
100 &102 1493 80-100 X X X X  
106 642 40-50 X X X X  
109 349 10-15 X X X X  
111 368 10-15 X X X X  
126 675 35-40 X X X X X
128 884 40-50 X X X X X



Last Updated: 4/24/18