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Reservoir Data

This is Reclamation’s new hydrologic database access portal. These new tools are designed to replace the Data Retrieval apps below, as they begin to reach the end of their functional lifespans. We encourage everyone to take a look at our new and improved access portal and begin plans to transition to this improved data delivery source.

Reservoir Data (storage, inflow, releases, elevation & more)
Gage Data (flow, flow volume & side inflows.)
San Juan Chama Accounting Data (account storage and flows.)

Data Retrieval (apps nearing end of life)
40-Day Data
Historic Data

Operational Data

Upper Rio Grande Basin
Platoro Reservoir
Heron Reservoir
El Vado Reservoir
Nambe Reservoir

Lower Rio Grande Basin
Elephant Butte Reservoir

Monthly projections for the Rio Grande Project Link is to a PDF file
Projection updated: 05/06/2022
This is Reclamation's latest information on water levels and projections for Elephant Butte and Caballo Reservoirs. Reclamation uses actual water levels, models and forecasts to prepare the monthly projections during the irrigation season. These projections will be updated around the middle of each month.

real-time-data for:
Caballo Dam Link is to a DAT file
Elephant Butte Dam Link is to a DAT file
Rio Grande below Caballo Dam Link is to a DAT file
Rio Grande below Elephant Butte Dam Link is to a DAT file

ET Toolbox

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Last Updated: 5/11/22