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* Min/Max values are based on 30-year period of water years 1980 through 2010. Water years begin on October 1st and end on September 30th.
** Inflow is computed based on reservoir release and change in reservoir storage (and reservoir evaporation and change in bank storage when these parameters are accounted for).
*** Unregulated Inflow adjusts for the effects of operations at upstream reservoirs. It is computed by adding the change in storage and the evaporation losses from upstream reservoirs to the observed inflow.
^ Modified Unregulated Inflow applies to Navajo Reservoir only and adjusts the Unregulated Inflow to Navajo Reservoir by the effects of the operation of Azotea Tunnel which exports water from the San Juan River Basin. It is computed by adding the volume of water exported through the Azotea Tunnel to the Unregulated Inflow for Navajo Reservoir.

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