MRGCD Streamflow Schematics

These pages summarize streamflow through regions of the Middle Rio Grande. Each page displays streamflow gages and their connectivity throughout portions of the system.

Albuquerque Schematic Belen Schematic Cochiti Schematic
Rio Grande Schematic Socorro Schematic MRG/SJC Operations

Precipitation Data

These pages summarize observed and future precipitation for the middle Rio Grande.


Recent Observed Precipitation Forecast Precipitation
NEXRAD Observed Precipitation


Historical Observed Precipitation

Historical Data

All historic streamflow, stage, and other data is archived for the Middle Rio Grande. This include both active and inactive gages since the inception of the Management Toolbox. Portions of the data may be missing based on gaging or other system outages.


Legacy Data

These pages summarize final data from the legacy ET Toolbox. This data is made available for archive purposes. If you are looking for current data, please reference the other sections of the Water Management Toolobs.

Last Updated: 09/07/2022