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Colorado River Basin Water Supply and Demand Study

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Executive Summary
Study Report
Technical Report A - Scenario
Technical Report B - Supply
Technical Report C - Demand
Technical Report D - Reliability Metrics
Technical Report E - Evaluation Approach
Technical Report F - Options
Technical Report G - Analysis & Evaluation

Due to the inherent complexities of the Study and the many diverse interests and perspectives of the various stakeholders, interim reports and technical updates were published throughout the course of the Study to reflect continual technical developments and the ongoing input of stakeholders. The following final reports update previously published Study documents or reflect new technical reports and are organized into three major parts: an Executive Summary, a Study Report, and technical reports.

The Final Report, which documents the Study’s progress through January 31, 2011, was comprised of the six elements listed below. In June 2013, new versions of the reports were posted to this website. No technical changes were made to the documents, but slight formatting modifications were incorporated to facilitate document printing and for compliance with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, which ensures accessibility of information to people with disabilities.

In addition, the timeframe for submitting comments on the final Study documents was extended through April 19, 2013. Comments have been posted, and they may be used for future planning activities in the Basin.


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Study Report

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Appendix 1 - Plan of Study

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Appendix 2 - Previously Published Study Documents

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Appendix 3 - Summary of Previous Colorado River Planning Studies

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Appendix 4 - Study Participants

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Appendix 5 - Public Involvement Plan

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Appendix 6 - Outreach Activities

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Appendix 7 - Peer Review Summary Report

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