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Colorado River Basin Water Supply and Demand Study

Final Study Reports
Technical Report C - Water Demand Assessment

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Study Report
Technical Report A - Scenario
Technical Report B - Supply
Technical Report C - Demand
Technical Report D - Reliability Metrics
Technical Report E - Evaluation Approach
Technical Report F - Options
Technical Report G - Analysis & Evaluation

This technical report presents historical water demand in the Study Area, the Study’s approach to water demand scenario development and quantification, and the results of quantifying water demand for a range of future demand scenarios within the Study Area. Initially published in June 2011 under Interim Report No. 1 with updates published in May 2012, this report replaces these earlier publications.

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File Size

Technical Report C - Water Demand Assessment

3.3 MB

Appendix C1 - Water Demand Sub-Team Members

31 KB

Appendix C2 - Colorado Water Demand Scenario Quantification

1.3 MB

Appendix C3 - New MexicoWater Demand Scenario Quantification

1.3 MB

Appendix C4 - Utah Water Demand Scenario Quantification

1.4 MB

Appendix C5 - Wyoming Water Demand Scenario Quantification

1.5 MB

Appendix C6 - Arizona Water Demand Scenario Quantification

1.4 KB

Appendix C7 - California Water Demand Scenario Quantification

1.3 MB

Appendix C8 - Nevada Water Demand Scenario Quantification

1.0 MB

Appendix C9 - Tribal Water Demand Scenario Quantification

525 KB

Appendix C10 - Historical Consumptive Use and Loss Detail by State

619 KB

Appendix C11 - Modeling of Lower Basin Tributaries in the Colorado River Simulation System

688 KB

Appendix C12 - Plausible Range of Parameters

131 KB

Appendix C13 - Parameters Assigned to Each Scenario

88 KB

Appendix C14 - Water Demand Scenario Storylines

194 KB

Appendix C15 - Climate Change Effects on Water Demand and Losses

2.0 MB

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