The two-step selection process and the criteria for selecting Basin Studies are described detail in the Basin Studies – Selection Process Overview. In brief, the two-step selection process is as follows:

Step 1 – Letters of Interest: Reclamation's regional offices will seek letters of interest from states and major stakeholders throughout the 17 Western States. All non-Federal entities interested in cost-sharing with Reclamation to conduct a Basin Study will be required to prepare and submit a letter of interest to their regional Reclamation office. The regional offices will review the letters and notify the non-Federal study proponents whether their study concepts will proceed to Step 2 of the selection process.

Step 2 – Study Proposal: The regional office will work with those selected in Step 1 to develop a short (20 pages maximum) study proposal for consideration by a Reclamation Application Review Committee (ARC). The ARC will be made up of staff from across Reclamation with technical expertise relevant to the Basin Study process. The ARC will prioritize the proposals based on the selection criteria established in the Basin Studies Directives and Standards (WTR TRMR-65). Selections will be announced in a news release and all applicants will be notified individually of the outcome of the review process.











Last Updated: 11/6/23