Navajo Dam Technical Working Group

Navajo Dam

Purpose and Participation

The meeting was held via WebEx Video conferencing. An operations and activities report from the meeting was emailed along with slides, and is available to download below in the archives.

The purpose of these meetings, held annually in January, April, and August, is to gather stakeholder input for determining upcoming operations for Navajo Reservoir. This input is used in Reclamation’s development of an overall 24-month study for operation of Reclamation projects in the Upper Colorado River Basin, which includes plans for Glen Canyon, Flaming Gorge, Aspinall Unit and Navajo. Input from individuals, organizations, and agencies along with other factors such as weather, water rights, endangered species requirements, flood control, hydro power, recreation, fish and wildlife management, and reservoir levels, will be considered in the development of these reservoir operation plans. In addition, the meetings are used to coordinate activities and exchange information among agencies, water users, and other interested parties concerning the San Juan River and Navajo Reservoir.


Full documentation is available to download below in the Archives in PDF form.

  • Precipitation so far in Water Year 2023 on the whole has been above average.
  • Soil Moisture conditions are much improved over this time last year but still remain below-average.  Soil moisture, along with spring weather and other factors, can have significant effects on the runoff efficiency.
  • The first water supply forecast of the year (January 1st) has a range of 385 kaf (60% of average) to 1,010 kaf (160% of average) with a median forecast of 570 kaf (90% of average).  With the verification of the large early January storms, plan for an increase in the forecast in mid-January and February.
  • Snowpack throughout the basin is well above average, owing mostly to the large storm in early January. But don’t get comfortable because we are still very early in the snow accumulation season.
  • Right now the odds are not in favor of a spring peak release. However, another large storm or two like the one we saw in January could tip us towards that possibility.  If a large release becomes likely, Reclamation will send out notices.
  • The median (Most Probable) forecast shows a peak elevation this spring of 6046 ft and an end of water year elevation of 6039 ft.

Next Meeting:

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 18th, 2023 at 1:00 PM. This meeting is currently planned to be held in-person with a video and/or phone option. Please contact for questions or updates. Visit the Navajo Dam website at for operational updates.




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