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Reclamation's funding is divided into fiscal years that start on October 1st and end on September 30th of the next calendar year. The current fiscal year is 2024. Use the utility below to find research funded by the Science and Technology Program during a specified range of years or use the links here to explore research in other categories.

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Science and Technology Research Funded in 2004

The following 132 research projects were fully or partially funded by the Science and Technology Program in 2004. Click on a highlighted Researcher link to learn more about that project's Principal Investigator, or click on a linked project title to view that project's details.

Researcher Title ID Start Year End Year
Agee, J C Power System Stability Improvement 661 2004 2011
Ahlers, Darrell Southwestern Willow Flycatcher--Contribute to the Delisting by Evaluating Reclamation River Operations to Maximize Habitat Benefits and Minimize Water Use; Assess Relationship Between Salt Cedar and Native Habitats, River Operations, and Multiple-Use 183 2004 2006
Baker, Michael Using Geographic Information System (GIS) and Multivariate Regression to Model Salt and Selenium Loads in Regions of the Upper Colorado River Basin 1182 2004 2006
Bark, Raymond Charles Ensuring Water Delivery Reliability: Dam Operations, Discharge Regime, Hyporheic Flow, and Salmonid Egg Survival 804 2004 2005
Beaty, Michael Western U.S. T&E Species Locator Web Service 843 2004 2004
Best, Eric Investigation of Reclamation Project Effects and Management Recommendations for Native Fish of the Milk River in Montana Using Innovative Telemetry Techniques 1068 2004 2009
Best, Eric Monitoring Federally Listed Bull Trout (_Salvelinus confluentus_) Movements and Habitat Preferences in Proximate to Reclamation's Facilities in Order to Reduce Potential Litigation Actions That Would Effect Delivery of Water 401 2004 2006
Boutwell, John Dissolved Nitrogen Gas Removal on Irrigation and Power Projects 1124 2004 2007
Bowen, Mark D Development and Use of Fisheries Models in Water Resource Planning: Assessing Impacts of Alternative Operations 1084 2004 2006
Bowen, Mark D How Much Flow is Enough? The Effects of Altering Discharge on the Naches River, Washington 61 2004 2006
Brekke, Levi Climatic Teleconnections for Forecasting Seasonal Water Supply in Reclamation Regions 925 2004 2005
Brummer, Joseph Soil and Substrata Salinity Trends at Irrigated Glacial Till Sites 761 2004 2005
Burnett, Roger Evaluation of Leaching Requirements and Salt Balance in the Arkansas River Valley of Colorado 1244 2004 2004
Chapman, Michelle J Development of Membrane Characterization Methods 961 2004 2005
Clark, Douglas Western Water Information Network (WWIN) 1201 2004 2007
Conway, Stan Demonstration of Applications to control Waterlogging and Salinization 725 2004 2004
Coulter, Thayne Applied Research on Improving the Management of Urban Encroachment on Reclamation Facilities, with Emphasis on Irrigation Districts 821 2004 2006
Coulter, Thayne Opportunities and Constraints to Irrigation District and Individual Grower Investment in Water Conservation Under Reclamation Projectstitle has not been entered yet 1144 2004 2004
Davis, Rob River Basin Level Economic Impacts (Agricultural Phase) 1292 2004 2004
DeHaan, Jim Reduced Cost Hydroelectric Maintenance 582 2004 2010
Dundorf, Steve Brackish Water Treatment for Native American and Small Communities in the Pacific Northwest Region 1282 2004 2004
Eacock, Michael Cs Real-time monitoring, modeling and management of selenium drainage discharges in the Delta Mendota Canal 947 2004 2004
Eastment, Eric Power System Diagnostics 701 2004 2010
Eberts, Debra Development of Salt Cedar Biocontrol Methods for Water Supply Recovery and Protection, including a Demonstration on the Arkansas River 506 2004 2006
Eberts, Debra Geographic deployment of _Diorhabda elongata_ for Salt Cedar Biocontrol and Water Supply Restoration 302 2004 2007
Eckhardt, David Mapping Surface Water Quality in Flaming Gorge Reservoir using Hyperoin Spaceborne Hyperspectral Imagery 1288 2004 2004
Eggleston, Keith San Xavier district Recharge Water Quality Study 503 2004 2004
Einhellig, Robert Development and Deployment of Low-Cost Flow Measurement for Irrigation Applications (WS3-FY03-002-BOR) 435 2004 2004
Ekstrand, Earl Applying GIS Methods to Economic Value of Recreation as it Relates to Water Delivery 1291 2004 2004
Engel, Paula Water Bank Incentive Structures 521 2004 2004
Fahy, Juli Comparison of U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Soil Extraction Method 3051 with USGS Perchloric Acid Soil Extraction Method 849 2004 2005
Fahy, Juli Evaluation of Selenium Loading Associated with Phytoremediation & Mancos Shale Projects in the Uncompahgre Valley 1042 2004 2006
Faubion, Rosalie Use of Artificial Den Structures by Endangered San Joaquin Kit Foxes 1104 2004 2004
Fenton, Kathleen Development of a Spatial Model for Saltcedar using GIS to Map Present Range, Predict Future Spread of Untreated Saltcedar and Select Restoration Sites Most Likely to be Successfully Restored to Desirable Native Vegetation 1361 2004 2004
Fisher, Lynne Evaluation of Municipal and Industrial (M&I) Water Conservation Measures Through Actual Water Savings and Cost/Benefit Analysis 750 2004 2005
Frevert, Don Develop, Test and Implement Enhancements to the Hydrologic Database (HDB) to Enable its Use as a Database of Record for Several Reclamation Offices 681 2004 2005
Frevert, Don Enhanced Water Accounting Information System for Watershed and River Systems Management Program - DSS modeling and database tools. 1294 2004 2004
Frevert, Don Watershed and River Systems Management Program--Columbia Basins Project Decision Support System (DSS) 621 2004 2005
Frevert, Don Watershed and River Systems Management Program--Truckee River Basin Decision Support System (DSS) 664 2004 2005
Frizell, Kathy Evaluation and Innovative Solutions to Reclamation Spillway and Water Conveyance Structure Needs (IR2-FY03-007-BOR) 429 2004 2005
Frizell, Warren Innovative Solutions to Improve Water Delivery: Demonstration of a Newly Patented Flow-Control Valve 1064 2004 2006
Gill, Tom Centralized Information on Reclamation Field Test/Demonstration Sites for Improving Management of Agricultural Water 1061 2004 2005
Gill, Tom Development and Deployment of Affordable Technologies for Flow Measurement and Delivery Control (WS3-FY03-004-LC) 433 2004 2004
Gill, Tom Development of technologies for water budgeting and analyzing effects of water management practices on downstream water supplies and water quality in the South Platte and Arkansas Basins 803 2004 2004
Gill, Tom Development testing and demonstration of components of a canal modernization system 726 2004 2004
Gill, Tom Prototype Development and Field Testing/Demonstroation of Automated Delivery Systems Compatible with Improved Efficiency Application of Irrigation Water 434 2004 2006
Gjerde, James Estimating Municipal, Rural and Industrial Water Requirements 601 2004 2004
Graf, Phil Improving the Quality of Irrigation Drainage Water Being Used to Support a Wildlife Refuge 1 2004 2004
Greimann, Blair Prediction of Impacts Associated with Reservoir Sediment Management 1262 2004 2005
Hall, Ted Evaluation of Life Cycle Costs of Welded Steel Pipe with Bonded Dielectric Coatings and Ductile Iron Pipe with Polyethylene Encasement in Rural Water Delivery Pipeline Applications 743 2004 2005
Hamilton, Bob Market Mechanisms for Addressing Water Supply Needs 683 2004 2006
Hanna, Leslie Fish Screen Research 382 2004 2004
Hanna, Leslie Flow Deflectors for Preventing Type II and Type III Stilling Basin Abrasion Damage (Widespread Application) 81 2004 2008
Hanna, Leslie Stilling Basin Abrasion Damage Prevention (Mason Dam Flow Deflector Design) 82 2004 2005
Hannon, John American River Steelhead Baseline Determination for Gauging Progress toward Delisting Steelhead and Increasing Reliability of Water Deliveries 842 2004 2005
Hansen, Roger Development of Low-Cost Automation and Internet Decision Support Technologies for Improving River Basin Operations 1302 2004 2007
Hiebert, Steve Evaluation of Underwater Strobe Lights as a Means of Reducing Fish Entrainment at Dams and Diversions 1081 2004 2005
Hiebert, Steve Quantification of Fish Entrainment at Water Diversions to Develop Fish Protection Systems and Maintain Water Deliveries 687 2004 2006
Hiebert, Steve The Potential Use of Sound for Fish Protection at Diversion and Power Production Facilities 343 2004 2005
Hilldale, Robert C. Federal Interagency Sedimentation Project (FISP) 1293 2004 2006
Holdren, Chris Identify Causitive Factors to Manage Nutrients and Perchlorate in Lake Mead 1221 2004 2005
Holroyd, Ed Aerial Documentation of Biocontrol of Purple Loosestrife 841 2004 2004
Holroyd, Ed Multiple Satellite Views of a Melting Snow Pack 861 2004 2004
Holroyd, Ed Remotely Sensed Quantitative Precipitation Estimates in Real-Time for Water Management Applications 862 2004 2005
Horn, Mike Evaluating the Effects of Operations to Avoid Adverse Impacts to Downstream Water Deliveries 305 2004 2007
Hunter, Steven Improve Streamflow Forecasts 847 2004 2004
Hurcomb, Douglas Scoping proposal for future work - Concrete Condition Assessment for Alkali-Silica Reactivity (ASR) 1261 2004 2004
Irvine, Scott Pilot Study of Calcium Removal Pretreatment and Desalination of Irrigation Drainage 1102 2004 2005
Irvine, Scott Selenium Removal from Irrigation Drainage in the San Joaquin Valley 962 2004 2005
Jansen-Lute, Chris Direct and Indirect Economic Benefits of Ecologically Based Flows on the South Fork Snake River 684 2004 2004
Jansen-Lute, Chris Ecologically Based System Management- Blackfoot Reach, Snake River, Idaho 1002 2004 2004
Johnson, Jennifer Evaluation of Alternative Legal, Institutional, Economic, and Hydrologic Approaches for Ground-Water Banking to Facilitate Water Transfers among Uses And Users in the Snake River Basin. 901 2004 2008
Johnson, Tom Corrosion and Corrosion Control 724 2004 2004
Johnson, Tom Improving Cathodic Protection for Pipelines 748 2004 2004
Karp, Cathy Steelhead Habitat Use and Reclamation Operations in the Yakima River, Washington 1125 2004 2007
King, David Development of a Generalized Water Supply Index for use in Hydrologic Models. 541 2004 2004
King, David Graphical Policy Analysis Tool 981 2004 2005
Lair, Ken Decision Support Model Development for Habitat Suitability, Risk of Habitat Loss, Treatment Prioritization, and Restoration Potential in Riparian Corridors of the Rio Grande Infested with Saltcedar (Tamarix spp.) 1287 2004 2004
Lair, Ken Development of Revegetation Strategies, Methods, and Infrastructure to Meet Land Retirement and Restoration Demands in the Central Valley of California 1224 2004 2004
Lair, Ken Establishment of Native Shrubs and Trees in Reservoir Drawdown Zones for Restoration of Endangered Bull Trout (_Salvelinus confluentus_) Habitat 1265 2004 2008
Lair, Ken Stabilization of Water Facility Lands Following Removal of Salt Cedar (_Tamarix spp._) 781 2004 2007
Landis, Mike Direct Reuse of Treated Sewage for Augmenting Potable Water Supplies 1443 2004 2004
Larson, Roger Combined Application of Dynamic Programming and Network Flows Optimization for River Operation Simulation 924 2004 2004
Lee, Stephen Response of Groundwater, Soil, and Surface Water Systems to Land Retirement in the Central Valley of California 303 2004 2006
Levish, Dan Fire Probability, Erosion Susceptibility, and Post-Wildfire Sediment Management 1401 2004 2004
Lieberman, Davine Feasibility of Adaptively Managing Reclamation's Klamath Project Reservoirs to Provide Suitable Water for Endangered Species, Refuges, Tribal Trust Assets, and Agriculture 121 2004 2005
Matanga, George State-of-the-art Geophysical and Ground Water Salinity Logging Applied in Numerical Analysis of Water Quality in Wetland-Ground Water Systems 1062 2004 2007
Matanga, George Testing of the Subtiming and Subgridding Algorithms Incorporated into HydroSphere to Handle Intensive Computational Demand 762 2004 2008
Mefford, Brent Design and performance of infiltration galleries intregrated into constructed rock riffles. 686 2004 2004
Mefford, Brent Design of Low Maintenance Water Diversion Fish Screens (WD1-FY03-007-BOR) 626 2004 2005
Mefford, Brent Evaluation of Fry and Juvenile Fish Survival in Spillways and Drop Structures (WD1-FY03-005-BOR) 624 2004 2006
Miller, Ronald Investigating Alternative Technologies to Identify Invasive Species Extent in the Rio Grande and Other Basins in the Western United States 1183 2004 2007
Miller, Ronald Using Remote Sensing Technology to Facilitate Detection of River System Changes 1296 2004 2008
Moody, Chuck Foward Osmosis (FO) Water Purification 1289 2004 2010
Moody, Chuck Slowsand Filtration (SSF) for Reducing Costs of Desalting Surface Waters 361 2004 2010
Munger, Dawn Modeling Economic Effects on Recreation from Dam Re-operation 202 2004 2005
Murphy, Andrew Developing the Next Generation Chlorine Resistant, High Flux, and High Salt Rejection Polyamide Desalting Membrane to Increase Water Supply 526 2004 2010
Murphy, Andrew Development of a Novel Desalting Treatment Technology 342 2004 2004
Nelson, Mark Developing Low-cost, Effective Methods for Evaluating Aquatic Ecosystems 101 2004 2008
OMeara, Scott Integrated Control of Invasive Aquatic Weeds for Preventing Blockage of Water Delivery Channels, Conserving Water, and Reducing Operating Costs 1001 2004 2008
Osburn, Gary Generator Efficiency Improvement 523 2004 2004
Parker, Nancy HYDROSS Functionality Enhancements 1044 2004 2004
Porter, Michael CContributions to Delisting Rio Grande Silvery Minnow: Egg Habitat Identification 682 2004 2005
Poulson, Tom Desalination Reject Concentration and Disposal Pilot Study 584 2004 2005
Prairie, James Enhancing SAMS : Incorporating Nonparametric Data Analysis tools and evaluating its performance 1223 2004 2004
Radtke, Robert Detailed evaluation of salinity trends at selected salinity control projects. 1441 2004 2004
Remmers, Harry Assess Evaporation Performance of SolarBee Pond Circulator 722 2004 2004
Rieker, Jeff Improved reservoir operation to enhance fisheries - a Truckee River fisheries modeling application 946 2004 2004
Sechrist, Juddson Increasing Reliability of Power Generation and Irrigation Water Delivery at Bighorn Reservoir through Investigation of Current Effects on Native Fish and Development of Management Recommendations to Reduce those Effects. 561 2004 2006
Sisneros, David Cost Effective Herbicide Applications Methods in Water Delivery Systems 752 2004 2006
Slavin, Tracy Tools to Assess Seasonal Wetland Best Management Practices for Water Conservation and Salinity Management Using High Resolution Remote Sensing, Direct Evapo-transpiration (ET) Monitoring And Modeling 923 2004 2010
Smith, Delbert Evaluation of Water Quality Benefits Related to Tamarisk (Salt cedar) Control in Western River Basins. 1241 2004 2004
Stiles, Eric Use of Natural Passive Processes to Improve Water Useability 321 2004 2005
Stillwater, Leslie Enhanced Simulation, Decision Support, and Presentation Capabilities for Modsim, a River Systems Management Model 802 2004 2006
Stitt, Steve Operational and Environmental Constraints and Their Impact on Ancillary Service Production 62 2004 2005
Stitt, Steve Optimization Improvements to Increase Energy Production and Extend Equipment Life 441 2004 2005
Stodt, Richard Hydrometeorological Analysis and Prediction of Water Supply and Demand for Water Operations and Planning 1142 2004 2004
Stone, Glenn Nitrogen Supersaturation Levels Below Ridgway Reservoir, Colorado: Causes and Remedies 581 2004 2005
Sutton, Ron Klamath River Thermal Refugia Study 41 2004 2005
Swain, Robert GIS-Based Stochastic Event Flood Model 1041 2004 2004
Swihart, Jay Improved Water Delivery through Modern Canal Materials 845 2004 2007
Tansey, Michael Development and Testing of Land Atmosphere Water Simulator (LAWS) to for Reservoir and Water Conservation Management via Remote Sensing, GIS, and Atmospheric, Hydrologic and Vegetation Physical Process Models for Planning and Operational Decision-Making 1246 2004 2004
Tuel, Darlene Tailoring Irrigation Water from Municipal Reuse Facilities for High Value Crops 747 2004 2005
Vermeyen, Tracy B Developing Water Quality Enhancement Techniques for Hydropower Releases 421 2004 2006
Von Fay, Kurt Computer Modeling to Predict Service Life of Concrete Structures 1065 2004 2006
Von Fay, Kurt Developing Advanced Construction Materials to Improve, Repair, and Maintain Reclamation's Concrete Structures 362 2004 2006
Von Fay, Kurt Modern Methods and Materials to Seal Small Leaks and Cracks in Concrete 1067 2004 2006
Wahl, Tony Flow Measurement with Canal Radial Gates 1281 2004 2010
Wiesenborn, William Food Web Structure on Tamarisk 603 2004 2005
Williams, Nick Testing COE-CE-QUAL-W2 Reservoir Water Quality Model Algal Grouping Code 1285 2004 2005
Wittler, Rodney J Augmentation of CVP Water Supplies Through Reservoir Reoperation and Conjunctive Use With Fluvial Process Restoration 1402 2004 2004
Wydoski, Rick Is Reclamation's Razorback Sucker Augmentation Program in Lake Havasu successful? 721 2004 2006
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