Design of Low Maintenance Water Diversion Fish Screens (WD1-FY03-007-BOR)

Project ID: 626
Principal Investigator: Brent Mefford
Research Topic: Fish Passage and Entrainment
Funded Fiscal Years: 2004 and 2005
Keywords: None

Research Question

* Can stationary fish protection screens be developed that are self-cleaning?

Need and Benefit

Previous research and field observations indicate there is a strong relationship between rate of debris plugging on a fish screen and the ratio of sweeping velocity to approach velocity. This research study will develop hydraulic design guidelines for screens based on theoretical and empirical study results of near field hydraulic conditions.

Debris plugging will be evaluated on wedgewire screens orientated in the vertical and horizontal positions and punch plate screen. Each screen material will be tested against a set protocol of debris type, debris concentration and hydraulic conditions. The rate of screen plugging will be measured by rate of change in headloss across the screen and by photographic techniques. The basic research will be conducted in a recirculating flume in the Water Resources Research Laboratory (WRRL). Following laboratory tests, verification tests are planned for a flume located at the Tracy Fish Collection Facility, Tracy, California.

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