Hydropower Program

Facilities Instructions, Standards and Techniques (FIST) Manuals

Reclamation maintains a series of manuals entitled Facilities Instructions, Standards, & Techniques (FIST) which pertain to the operation and maintenance of hydroelectric equipment. Reclamation no longer sells publications, however, most of Reclamation's significant scientific, technical, and engineering works are available from the National Technical Information Service (NTIS). Information regarding availability and pricing may be obtained by contacting NTIS at the following address:
United States Department of Commerce
National Technical Information Service
5285 Port Royal Road
Springfield, VA 22161
(703) 487-4650 or
(800) 553-6847
Internet: http://www.ntis.gov/

A current listing of the FIST manuals is below. The documents require Adobe's Acrobat Reader to view. If you do not have a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader, it is available at Adobe's site: http://www.adobe.com.

Volume 1 - Operations

Hazardous Energy Control Program, August 2019

  1-2 Conduct of Power Operations, July 2012
Volume 2 - Mechanical Maintenance
2-1 Alignment of Vertical Shaft Hydro Units, September 2016
2-2 Field Balancing Large Rotating Machinery, August 2016
2-3 Mechanical Maintenance of Mechanical and Digital Governors for Hydroelectric Units, January 2021
2-4 Lubrication of Powerplant Equipment, July 2004
2-5 Turbine Repair, August, 1989
2-6 Maintenance of Auxiliary Mechanical Equipment, August 2022
2-7 Mechanical Overhaul Procedures for Hydroelectric Units, July 1994
2-8 Inspection of Steel Penstocks and Pressure Conduits, August 2022
2-9 Inspection of Unfired Pressure Vessels, August 2022
2-10 Maintenance, Inspection, and Testing of Electric and Hydraulic Elevators, October 2004
Volume 3 - Electrical Maintenance
Electrical Maintenance Scheduling Note: Maintenance intervals listed in FIST 4-1B supersede schedules listed in the equipment-specific FIST manuals. Schedules listed in the equipment-specific FIST manuals will be removed in subsequent revisions.
3-1 Testing Solid Insulation of Electrical Equipment, December 1991
3-2 Testing and Maintenance of High Voltage Bushings, November 1991
3-3 Electrical Connections for Power Circuits, November 1991
3-4 Keeping Motor Windings Dry, November 1991
3-5 Not used
3-6 Storage Battery Maintenance and Principles, April 2020
3-7 Painting of Transformers and Circuit Breakers, November 1991
3-8 Field Test Procedure for Protective Relays September, 2021 
3-9 Methods for Coordinating System Protective Equipment, December 1991
3-10 Watt-Hour Meter Maintenance and Testing, January 1992
Miscellaneous Electrical Volumes I, May 1991
3-11 Generator Thrust Bearing Insulation and Oil Film Resistance
3-12 Correcting the Ratio and Phase Angle Characteristics of Bushing Current Transformers
3-13 Not used
3-14 Commutator and Collector Ring Performance
3-15 Not used
Maintenance of Power Circuit Breakers & Power Circuit Breaker Problems

3-16 Maintenance of Power Circuit Breakers, June 2020
3-17 Power Circuit Breaker Problems, January 1992
Miscellaneous Electrical Volumes II, June 1991
  3-18 Replacing Glaze Burned Insulators
3-19 Correction for Faulty Operation of Mercury Switches
3-20 General Guide for Checkout of New Electrical Facilities
3-21 Not used
3-22 Not used
3-23 Not used
3-24 Not used
3-25 Doble Testing of Coupling Capacitors
3-26 Failures of Pedestal-Type (Pin and Cap) Insulators
3-27 Not used
3-28 Installation of Connectors on PMG Wiring
  3-29 Energized Facility Maintenance, May 1990
  3-30 Transformer Maintenance, October 2000
  3-31 Transformer Diagnostics, June 2003
  3-32 Transformer Fire Protection, January 2005 (Redacted November 2016), FIST currently under review for revision
  3-33 Industrial Control Systems Including Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems Operations and Maintenance, August 2018
Volume 4 - General Maintenance
4-1A Maintenance Scheduling for Mechanical Equipment, August 2022
4-1B Maintenance Scheduling for Electrical Equipment, May 2023
4-2 Power O&M Codes for ADP, December 1989
Miscellaneous General Maintenance Volumes I
  4-3 Economic Analysis of Maintenance Problems
4-4 Test Equipment Available for Loan from the Denver Office
4-5 Corrosion and Cathodic Protection
Miscellaneous General Maintenance Volumes II, August 1992
  4-6 Wood Pole Maintenance
4-7 Commissioning Guide for Hydroelectric Facilities
4-8 Not used
4-9 Not used
4-10 Not used
4-11 Not used
4-12 Not used
4-13 Thermal Analysis - November 2011
Volume 5 - Safety
5-1 Personal Protective Grounding for Electric Power Facilities and Power Lines, July 2005
5-2 Firefighting and Fire Prevention, February 1992
            Miscellaneous Safety Volumes, February 1992
5-3 Not used
5-4 Chlorine Gas System Safety Program
5-5 Handling Failed Capacitor Cells
5-6 Inspection and Maintenance of PCB-Containing Equipment
5-7 PCB Transformer Protection and Marking Requirements
5-8 Not used
5-9 Not used
5-10 Retired
5-11 Not used
5-12 CO2 Systems - Operations and Maintenance, May 2005
5-13 Fault Protection for Portable and Vehicle-mounted Generators and Welders, December 1997
5-14 Electrical Safety Program, August 2018
Volume 6 - Facility Management
  6-1 Management of Power Facilities, March 2003

  6-2 Conduct of Power Maintenance , March 2006
  6-3 Unexpected Event Reporting, August 2011
  6-4 Management of Protective Relay Settings, January 2022
  6-5 Power Review of Operations and Maintenance, May 2020
Last Updated: 9/29/23