Hydropower Program

Reclamation Hydropower Facilities

General Information

Alphabetical Listing
This section provides data about Reclamation's powerplants by alphabetical listing.

Capacity Listing
Reclamation powerplants range in capacity from 6,809,000 kW at Grand Coulee to 350 kW at Lewiston.
A complete list of the plants by capacity is provided here. 

Operated by Others
Some facilities have been developed at Reclamation facilities where operations and maintenance are performed by others.

FERC Licenses on Reclamation Facilities
These powerplants are licensed by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commision (FERC) on Reclamation  water facilities.

Lease of Power Privilege Facilities
Lease of Power Privilege (LOPP) information, including a catalog of current LOPP development is available on the LOPP website.

Reclamation Dams
Not all of our dams were built to produce power. This section will provide information about Reclamation dams.


Last Updated: 12/10/19