Tracy Office

tracy office
Tracy Field Office
16650 Kelso Rd, Byron, CA 94514
(209) 836-6201

The Tracy Office is located on the grounds of the Jones Pumping Plant near Byron, California.

As part of the South Central California Area Office, the Tracy Office provides direct supervision and administrative support for the Tracy Fish Collecting Facility located at the inlet to the Delta Mendota Canal.

Additionally, the Tracy Office is responsible for facility inspections and provides oversight to the operators of the dams, canals, pumping plants and other facilities located along the coastal range west of the Central Valley.

Facilities managed include the Jones Pumping Plant, Delta Mendota Canal, B.F. Sisk Dam, and the San Luis Canal.

Daily Operation Summaries and the Tracy Salvage Database can be found here under uploaded files. If you have any questions please contact Meghan White (

Last Updated: 12/14/21