The Bureau of Reclamation has gravitated from development of single-purpose agricultural projects toward a multipurpose approach to water resource development that includes recreation. Today, Reclamation plays a major role in meeting the increasing public demands for water-based outdoor recreation facilities and opportunities. The recreation areas developed as a result of Reclamation water projects are among the Nation's most popular for water-based outdoor recreation. Reclamation projects include approximately 6.5 million acres of land and water that is, for the most part, available for public outdoor recreation.

  • Millerton Lake State Recreation Area
    Managed by California Department of Parks and Recreation (CA State Parks)
  • San Luis Reservoir State Recreation Area
    Managed by CA State Parks
  • Lake Woollomes
    Managed by Kern County Parks and Recreation Department
  • Lake Cachuma
    Managed by Santa Barbara County Community Services District - Parks Division
  • Lake Casitas
    Managed by Casitas Municipal Water District
  • San Justo Reservoir
    Managed by San Benito County - Parks and Recreation
  • Contra Loma Regional Park
    Managed by East Bay Regional Park District
  • Antioch Community Park
    Managed by City of Antioch - Recreation Department








Last Updated: 3/12/18