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Lower Colorado River Water Delivery Contracts

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How can I get a Colorado River water delivery contract?

The Bureau of Reclamation requires certain information to initiate the contract development process (other than for a subcontract for LCWSP water). Specifically, the contracting process is as follows:

  1. The person or entity wishing to enter into a contract with the United States submits a written request to the appropriate agency in the state in where the water would be used. This request asks the state agency to recommend a water service contract. A copy of that request is also sent to:
  2. Bureau of Reclamation
    Attention: Regional Director
    Lower Colorado Region
    P.O. Box 61470 
    Boulder City, NV 89006-1470

    The request includes: 
    a. the name of the proposed contractor; 
    b. the proposed amount in acre-feet of water to be diverted; 
    c. the proposed point(s) of water diversion; 
    d. the proposed place of use; and 
    e. the purpose of the water use.

    The state water agency will consider the request and make its recommendation to the Interior Secretary through the Regional Director, and send a copy to the requestor.

  3. If the appropriate state agency approves the request, Reclamation will consider that recommendation and determine whether to offer the applicant a Colorado River water delivery contract. Before Reclamation offers a water delivery contract, the proposed contractor must enter into an arrangement with the United States to address the scope of the proposed work. The proposed contractor must also provide to the United States an advancement of funds to cover the estimated costs for the United States to develop, draft, negotiate, and execute the contract and perform necessary environmental compliance work. This is part of the government-wide effort to fund Federal management and oversight activities by beneficiaries of Federal projects and services. The estimated cost to develop and process this type of contract is $4,000. If the actual costs exceed the estimate, Reclamation will ask for additional funds, and if the actual costs are less than the estimate, a refund of unspent monies would be made to the contractor.

  4. The proposed contractor is asked to publish a legal notice, provided by Reclamation, indicating, among other things, that Reclamation is initiating a contract action and that interested parties will have an opportunity to observe any negotiation sessions and review the proposed contract.

  5. Reclamation offers a standard form of contract for review and comment by the proposed contractor.

  6. The final draft contract is provided for public and legal review for 30 days.

  7. In consultation with the proposed contractor, Reclamation reviews all comments and addresses any significant comments received.

  8. The proposed contract is finalized and signed.

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Last Updated: 6/4/15