Boulder Canyon Operations Office - About Us

The Boulder Canyon Operations Office (BCOO) consists of four specialized groups that support Reclamation's Lower Colorado Region programs:

Image of the Colorado River flowing thru the Grand Canyon
  • River Operations Group - Manager: Michael Bernardo

    The River Operations Group manages the delivery of Colorado River water. It works with other Reclamation offices, agencies, and interested organizations to develop long- and short-range plans to guide and control water operations at dams, reservoirs and powerplants on the lower Colorado River, and develops seasonal and annual operating plans. It also assures Lake Mead is operated in compliance with flood control regulations and collects and disseminates real-time data on lower Colorado River operations.

  • Water Conservation and Accounting Group - Manager: Jeremy Dodds

    The Water Conservation staff helps develop and implement agricultural and urban water conservation programs, and responds to emergency drought requests. The group also monitors Colorado River water use by entitlement holders to ensure it is being used beneficially, as required.

    The Water Accounting staff provides official records of diversions, return flows, and consumptive use of Colorado River water, as required by the Supreme Court Decree in Arizona v California (1964). Two primary reports are published on an annual basis: Article 5 Decree Accounting reports have been published since 1964 and the Lower Colorado River Accounting System reports are available from 1995.

  • Water Contracts, Repayment, and Economics Group - Manager: Margot Selig

    The Water Contracts, Repayment, and Economics Group supervises and manages the development, execution, and implementation of over 200 Colorado River water-related contracts to protect the interests of the United States and Bureau of Reclamation project beneficiaries, to accomplish Reclamation project repayment, and to help perform sound management of Colorado River resources.  The Group performs economic and financial analyses related to the Lower Colorado Region’s programs, under various legal authorities to provide expertise to Native American water settlement negotiation teams, planning, area offices, and Colorado River water users and stakeholders.  The group provides support to management for policy development and coordination with the Lower Division States of Arizona, California, and Nevada on Colorado River water entitlements.  The group participates in the development of Reclamation policy and Directives and Standards primarily in Program, Economics, Revenues, and Contracts (PEC), Water Management and Development (WTR), and Facility Operations, Maintenance, and Rehabilitation (FAC) series.

  • Operations Support Group - Manager: Seth Ostrowski

    The Operations Support Group provides field operational support for the Boulder Canyon Operations Office by maintaining the Region's Water Management Information System (WMIS) for the lower Colorado River, conducting stream gaging and field hydrological work, operating a river telemetry network, and providing scientific data acquisition for the river operations and water accounting functions of the office.

    In addition the group provides regional office level support for radio program oversight, joint Bureau of Reclamation-Western Area Power Administration telecommunications coordination efforts, underwater dive team engineering and environmental work, and watercraft fleet maintenance and operator training.

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Last Updated: 8/15/19