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Reclamation and BIA Issue the Navajo Generating Station Extension Lease Environmental Assessment-November 2017 and Signed Findings of No Significant Impact.

The Department of the Interior’s Bureau of Reclamation – Lower Colorado Region (Reclamation) and Bureau of Indian Affairs – Navajo Region (BIA) have each signed a Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) based upon the Navajo Generating Station (NGS) Extension Lease Environmental Assessment-November 2017 (EA).  Both the revised EA and FONSIs are available on the following website:

Reclamation and BIA solicited public comments from October 5 through November 3, 2017, on the NGS Extension Lease EA and draft FONSIs.  Comments were received from 10 entities representing:  an individual (1); tribal governments (5); a non-governmental organization (NGO) (1); a group of NGOs (1); the NGS Operator (1); and a company in a related field (1).  All comments were carefully considered. 

Responses to relevant substantive comments are found in Appendix 6 to the EA, which includes copies of all comments received.  Corrections and revisions to the EA, which were minor in nature, have been made where appropriate.  None of the impact determinations included in the draft FONSIs required revision and the FONSIs’ conclusion—that an environmental impact statement is not warranted—has not changed.

We appreciate your interest.  If you have questions regarding this announcement, please contact Mr. Sean M. Heath, Reclamation Phoenix Area Office at 623-773-6250, or Ms. Harrilene Yazzie, Bureau of Indian Affairs-Navajo Region at 505-863-8287.

NGS Extension Lease EA-November 2017 and Signed FONSI files:

1) EA including Appendices 1 through 6
2) Signed FONSI - BIA
3) Signed FONSI - Reclamation
4) Extension Lease
5) Extension Lease Exhibits:
    a) Lease Exhibits A, B, C, E, G, and H
    b) Lease Exhibit D-Amendment No. 1 to Indenture of Lease w/ Exhibits
    c) Lease Exhibit F1-Ash Landfill Restrictive Covenant w/ Exhibits
    d) Lease Exhibit F2-Solid Waste Landfill Restrictive Covenant w/ Exhibits
6) NGS O&M Plan
7) Synopsis of Documents

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