Reclamation and Arizona
Arizona Projects Office in Phoenix

The Bureau of Reclamation is realigning its activities in central Arizona with the establishment of an Arizona Projects Office in Phoenix. The new office will handle all preconstruction and construction.

The new office will handle all preconstruction and construction activities for the central Arizona project as well as certain other Reclamation functions to be assigned.

The Phoenix Development Office was deactivated and selected personnel from that office were assigned to the Arizona Projects Office.

Key personnel include C. A. Pugh, projects manager; Richard E. Shunick, associate projects manager; O. H. Lillard, division of planning; Robert W. Gilbert, former assistant to the regional director, region 4, headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah; A. K. Dolyniuk, former construction engineer in the Parker-Davis Project Office in Phoenix; and M. C. Thomas, formerly office engineer for the Southern Nevada Water Project, Henderson, Nev.

These men were carefully selected from the ranks of Reclamation's career employees to from the nucleus of a highly trained engineering and administrative organization to handle the complex duties associated with the Bureau's huge water development program in Arizona.

The Reclamation Era Magazine, May 1972.

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