Hoover Dam

The Story of Hoover Dam - Essays

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Artwork - One of the highlights for many of the people who visit Hoover Dam each year is the artwork they find.

Cofferdams - Before the dam could be built the Colorado River had to be moved. This was accomplished with the aid of cofferdams.

Concrete - Hoover Dam is concrete; and without concrete, this dam could not have been built.

Fatalities - How many bodies are buried in Hoover Dam? This and other information is presented in this article.

High Scalers - Before construction could begin on the dam, loose rock had to be removed from the canyon walls. Special men were required for the job, men called "high-scalers."

Jet Flow Gate Test - A test of the jet flow gates was performed after their installation.

Spillways - The Spillways help to protect the dam, and make sure that water never goes over the top.

Tunnels - What do you do with the river when you want to build a dam? You divert it into tunnels.

Wages - A comparison chart of prevailing wages at the time of construction.

What is biggest? - What is the biggest dam? It depends on what you are measuring.

Workforce - A table showing the origins of the people who built Hoover Dam



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