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Established in 1902, the Bureau of Reclamation is best known for the dams, powerplants, and canals it constructed in the 17 western states. These water projects led to homesteading and promoted the economic development of the West. Reclamation has constructed more than 600 dams and reservoirs including Hoover Dam on the Colorado River and Grand Coulee on the Columbia River. The Bureau of Reclamation, organizationally, is made up of five regions: Great Plains, Lower Colorado, Mid-Pacific, Pacific Northwest and Upper Colorado. Administratively, Hoover Dam is a part of the Lower Colorado Dams Office (LCDO) of the Lower Colorado Region.

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Send questions about Hoover Dam or comments to: hooverdamcomments@usbr.gov .

For general tour information or Hoover Dam Powerplant Tour Reservations, contact us at:

Phone: (702) 494-2517
Toll free number: (866) 730-9097
Reservation fax: (702) 494-2509

If you can't get through on the reservation phone line, send an e-mail with your name and phone number to Hoover Dam Reservations at mtuten@denisonparking.com. Note: This is for reservation comments and questions only.

All current Hoover Dam employment opportunities can be found at www.usajobs.gov.

If you want to see more photos of Bureau of Reclamation projects or if you would like to get hard copies of our photos, please see the Lower Colorado Regional Office's News and Photos Web page at https://www.usbr.gov/lc/news.html. A searchable database of photos and contact information for them is available.

The phone number to call for lost and found items at Hoover Dam is 702-494-2312.

Last Updated: 11/29/19