Special Events & Activities at Hoover Dam

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Information  – Your event may require you to obtain a Commercial Use Authorization (CUA). Visit this page for more information.
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Notice – We receive a high number of emails and requests for special events at Hoover Dam, therefore the response time may be delayed. We will answer your email at first come-first served basis and as soon as possible.

Hoover Dam is host to hundreds of successful special events each year, and we look forward to supporting your event or activity as well. As the Bureau of Reclamation must comply with several federal requirements for various activities on its lands, the following information is provided to assist those who desire to use Hoover Dam, which is managed by the Lower Colorado Region, Bureau of Reclamation.
The information is provided for under the authority of:

Commercial filming, photography, trail use, sporting events, conferences, weddings, and other events all require an approved permit in order to take place.

Please note: Hoover Dam has a 4 week minimum lead time for all event activities. Requests less than 4 weeks in advance may not be accepted. If you are interested in aerial filming using a UAS (drone) please add 2 weeks to the lead time to allow for completion of additional required paperwork.

Special Event activities may be extremely limited or restricted on the following dates every year: 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after Easter Sunday; typically the first 2 weeks in August; 3 days after Thanksgiving; and the week after Christmas through the first Monday of the new year. Please contact the Special Events Coordinator to verify availability if your proposed event date is during this period.

Commercial Filming and Photography
Commercial photography includes, but is not limited to: motion picture filming, videotaping and/or sound recording, or still photography. A permit is required if such activity is requested to take place at locations where or when members of the public are generally not allowed; involves product or service advertisement, or the use of models, sets, or props; or when the use requires management to prevent impairment of resources or a significant disruption of normal visitor or agency use.

Trail Use and Sporting Activities
Trail use and sporting activities includes, but is not limited to: trail races (marathons, 5k’s, triathlons, etc.), adventure races, or other commercial or advertised sporting activities.

Conferences & Weddings
Several conferences spaces are available for groups up to 200 people throughout Hoover Dam. Conferences are often combined with Private Tour Experiences. Hoover Dam has hosted many fabulous weddings, and we eagerly look forward to hosting your special day in the near future. We recommend reserving your date at least 3 months in advance. Be sure to review the Private Tour Experiences that are often added to the big day, for additional unique options to enhance your event.

Large Events
Large Events should provide as much lead time as possible, often these activities may require 3-9 months or more of preparation in order to obtain all departmental approvals required. A large event is generally defined as any event with more than 50 crew or which is expected to exceed more than $10,000 in permit fees, however, this is not a hard and fast rule. Events occurring over multiple days, or requiring extensive Labor Recovery, or closures that significantly alter public access, or involving considerable multi-agency coordination may also be deemed Large Events. If you think that your event could be exceptional, in size or complexity, please contact the Special Events Coordinator as soon as possible to begin a conversation.

Other Events
The iconic Hoover Dam has been host to exclusive breakfasts, dinners and other events. Hoover Dam could also potentially be host to evening galas, midnight tours, book launch parties, outdoor concerts, or street fairs, we are happy to help you host a memorable and extraordinary event. Contact the Special Events Coordinator to begin a discussion. Let us help you coordinate a remarkable event activity.

Forms Required
The below forms are generally required for all special events:
Use Application Authorization (Form 7-2540)
Special Event Request Form & Use Permit (SERF)MS Word version is also available, please request from the Special Event Coordinator.
Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) – form will be provided by Special Event Coordinator as applicable.
In addition, you will need to provide a certificate of insurance naming the government as an additional insured. The insurance must have a U.S. based address, and must provide general liability of at least $1,000,000.00 USD. You may use the below address in preparing that form.
Bureau of Reclamation
Lower Colorado Dams Office
P.O. Box 60400
Boulder City, NV 89006-0400

Application & Approval Process
To begin the application and approval process, please submit the Use Application Authorization (Form 7-2540) along with the Special Event Request Form & Use Permit to the Special Events Coordinator at least 4 weeks in advance of a proposed event (6 weeks if drone filming is being requested). You will receive email confirmation of receipt within 24 hours if received Monday – Friday.
All applications need to contain a script/statement/outline/storyboard as it pertains to the proposed activities at Hoover Dam. Please also include any special stunts, lighting, or props. After the request has been reviewed by the Special Events Coordinator, you may be contacted to provide any additional information that is pertinent to the event for the approval process.
Once approved you will be notified of the approval and the Special Event Coordinator will be in contact with you to finalize any remaining details. Reclamation aims to maintain a high level of communication with our customers. We will communicate any deficiencies in the application packet and how they can be corrected.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Hoover Dam is an operating power plant and one of the top tourist destination in Nevada. For this reason, some requests may not be feasible, and some flexibility in time and day of the event may be required.
  • If you are given a MoA, you will need to have the countersigned copy with you at all times while on site.
  • An agenda of activities and locations is required for most special events.
  • A copy of the script, treatment, concept, stunts, special effects, flight plan, etc. are required as applicable to your event activity.
  • If you have any questions, please call or email the Special Events Office, we are happy to answer all of your questions.

A Note on Drones
Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS or Drones) are a relatively new tool being employed in commercial film production. While the full value of drones for commercial and personal use is just gaining steam, the federal government is cautiously embracing drone use on and around some federal facilities. Overall, most federal facilities do not allow drone use at all. Drone filming on Hoover Dam is a very new service being offered to appropriately licensed film production companies. We are cautiously and selectively approving drone filming on and around the dam.
If you are interested in using drones as a component of your event, you will need to supply a detailed flight plan, as well as pilot/company licensing and certifications from the FAA as early in the application process as possible. If approved, you should expect additional recovered labor costs relating to Intermittent Traffic Control and Crowd Control. Operating conditions will be provided at the time of approval. Please be advised that we only permit aerial film & photography as an add-on to a Commercial Film Permit. Please contact the Special Events Coordinator if you have questions regarding drone filming at Hoover Dam.

Permit Fees
Fees are the minimum permit and location fees that will be charges per activity type. They are periodically reviewed and subject to change. Please note, fees DO NOT include recovered labor costs. Fees are arranged according to the type of event they are most often associated with, however any event type can accommodate any of the fees listed here.

All Events

  • $100 – Use Application Fee (This fee is Non Refundable)

Film & Photography

  • Commercial Film & Photography (Overtime $800/hr)
    • $1,000/day Scouting/Site Visit
    • $2,500 Half Day 4hr Film Permit
    • $5,000 Full Day 8hr Film Permit
  • Aerial Film & Photography (Commercial Film/Photo add-on)
    • $500/day Aerial (Helicopter) Filming
    • $500/day Aerial (Drone) Filming
  • Documentary Film & Photography (Overtime $80/hr)
    • Waived Scouting/Site Visit
    • $250 Half Day (4hrs) Film Permit
    • $500 Full Day (8hrs) Film Permit
  • Intermittent Traffic Control (labor recovered rates)
  • Crowd Control (labor recovered rates)
  • $750/day – AZ Lot 9 Rental
  • $250/hr – Lower Portal Road ($7/guest over 20 people)

Trail Use & Sporting Activities

  • Trail – Sporting Event
    • $650/day Hoover Dam Trail (has view of the dam)
    • $450/day Boneyard Trail (no view of the dam)

Conferences & Weddings

  • Interview or Speaker Requested with Reclamation Employees (variable rate)
  • $50/hr - Visitor Center Conference Room (capacity up to 120 people)
  • $200/day Observation Deck (capacity up to 120 people) (limited use)
  • $2,000/ Facility Use before or after Visitor Center hours (per 3 hours)
  • $10/person – VC Admission Only (no tour, guide, or parking is included)
  • Tour – Private Power Plant ($15/person + $125 Guide fee, up to 75 people per tour)

Large Events

  • $1,000/day – Scouting/Site Visit
  • $15,000/day – Dam Face Projection
  • Other Event Activities (variable rate depending on request)
  • Other Services (variable rate depending on request)
  • Please see the Spillway House page for more details on reserving this space.


For more information contact:

The Special Events Office, Hoover Dam
Phone: 702-494-2521 | Fax: 702-494-2585 | hoover-tours@usbr.gov
Last Updated: 2/19/20