Hoover Dam

The Story of Hoover Dam - Articles

Many articles have been written about Hoover Dam. Here we will try to assemble a few of the better ones to give you not only technical data about the dam, but an appreciation of how people have been impressed with it throughout its history.

Chronology - A list of important events and dates in the history of Hoover Dam and the surrounding area.

The Grand Dam - Reproduction of an article written in 1995 by Julian Rhinehart, dealing with the art and beauty of Hoover Dam.

Fortune Magazine - A September 1933 article on the progress of construction on the dam.

What's In A Name? - The story of how Hoover Dam got its name.

Herbert Hoover and the Colorado River - Information about Herbert Hoover, 31st President of the United States.

Sound Bytes - Short history articles produced by the local Public Radio Station.







Last Updated: 7/13/22