Large-Scale Water Recycling Program

Section 40905 of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL), P.L. 117-58 provides authority for Reclamation’s Large-Scale Water Recycling Program. The program will provide $450 million over the next five years to projects in Reclamation states that have a total project cost greater than or equal to $500,000,000, at 25% Federal cost share, with no per-project maximum. Large-scale recycled water projects will play an important role in helping communities develop local, drought-resistant sources of water supply by turning currently unusable water sources into a new source of water supply that is less vulnerable to drought and climate change.

Projects will become eligible to compete for funding under the Large-Scale Water Recycling Program once Reclamation has reviewed a feasibility study submitted by the non-Federal project sponsor and has informed Congress that the project meets Reclamation’s requirements. Temporary guidelines for the preparation of feasibility studies are established by WTR TRMR-128, Large-Scale Water Recycling Program Feasibility Study Review Process

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Current Status

The FY23 and FY24 Large-Scale Water Recycling Projects funding opportunity was posted September 7, 2023. The first round of selections were announced May 28, 2024. The second round of applications are due May 31, 2024; final round of applications are due November 26, 2024.

Feasibility Study

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News Releases

May 28, 2024
Biden-Harris Administration Delivers $179 Million from Investing in America Agenda for Innovative Water Reuse and Drought Resilience Projects

September 7, 2023
Biden-Harris Administration Launches New Large-Scale Water Recycling Program with $180 Million from Bipartisan Infrastructure Law

Last Updated: 5/30/24