Title XVI - Water Reclamation and Reuse

Title XVI of P.L. 102-575, as amended (Title XVI), provides authority for Reclamation’s water recycling and reuse program, titled “Title XVI.” Through the Title XVI program, Reclamation identifies and investigates opportunities to reclaim and reuse wastewaters and impaired ground and surface water in the 17 Western States and Hawaii. Title XVI includes funding for the planning, design, and construction of water recycling and reuse projects in partnership with local government entities.

In 2018, an estimated 431,000 acre-feet of water was recycled through Title XVI projects.

Report to Congress - Title XVI Feasibility Study Review Findings Report

The Bureau of Reclamation has transmitted the Title XVI Feasibility Study Review Findings Report to Congress.


Contact Information: For more information regarding Title XVI, please contact Maribeth Menendez, at 303-445-2094 or mmenenendez@usbr.gov.

  • Interior Region 5: Missouri Basin & Interior Region 6: Arkansas-Rio Grande-Texas Gulf - Collins Balcombe, (512) 899-4162 or cbalcombe@usbr.gov
  • Interior Region 7: Upper Colorado Basin - Brandi Rose, (801) 524-3639 or broseworthington@usbr.gov
  • Interior Region 8: Lower Colorado Basin - Brett Mooney, (702) 293-8506 or bmooney@usbr.gov
  • Interior Region 9: Columbia-Pacific Northwest - Cavan Gerrish, (208) 378-5347 or cgerrish@usbr.gov
  • Interior Region 10: California-Great Basin - Mike Dietl, (916) 978-5070 or mdietl@usbr.gov

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Last Updated: 11/9/22