Computer Software

Sedimentation and River Hydraulics Group Numerical Models

Software for Water Measurement and Hydraulic Structures Analysis

  • Coanda-Effect Screen Performance — Coanda-effect screens provide low-maintenance debris and fish exclusion.
  • PIDSim — Educational software to help understand common canal gate-control algorithms.
  • Cavitation in Chutes & Spillways — Software accompanying Engineering Monograph 42, for analyzing cavitation issues during spillway design and post-event cavitation damage assessments.
  • Chameleon64 — A DOS program spooler used to run Reclamation’s Flood Routing and Water Surface Profile Programs.
  • USBRWeir — An Excel spreadsheet to create custom ratings for partially and fully contracted sharp-crested weirs.
  • WinADV — Analysis and post-processing of acoustic Doppler velocimeter (ADV) data.
  • WinFlume — Design and calibration of long-throated flumes and broad-crested weirs.
  • Wall Gage Creator — Flow-graduated staff gages for any hydraulic structure with a rating table or rating equation.
  • WinGate — Calibration of canal check structure gates (radial and slide gates) for accurate flow measurement.

Last Updated: 12/11/18