Coanda-Effect Screens Research

Schematic diagram
Schematic diagram
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Screen under test photo
Screen under test
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  • Surface Tension Effects on Discharge Capacity of Coanda-Effect Screens (2021)

  • New Testing of Coanda-Effect Screen Capacities (2013) - This paper and poster describe a new model for predicting screen capacities developed from recent testing in the hydraulics laboratory.

  • Design Guidance for Coanda-Effect Screens (2003) - Reclamation Research Report R-03-03.  This report applies the Coanda computer program to develop design guidance recommendations for a variety of screen configurations.  Case studies of actual screen installations are provided.

  • Hydraulic Performance of Coanda-Effect Screens (2001) - This paper presents the complete numerical model for determining the discharge through a Coanda-effect screen structure. For a given inflow rate, the model computes the flow profile along the length of the screen and the total discharge through the screen as a function of the structure dimensions (e.g., drop height, screen length, screen arc radius, etc.) and the screen material properties. The paper also presents a refined model for predicting the discharge characteristics of tilted-wire screen materials as a function of the tilt angle, wire size, slot size, and the Froude number, Reynolds number and Weber number of the flow over the screen.

  • Laboratory Testing and Numerical Modeling of Coanda-Effect Screens (2000) - This paper describes the mechanics of flow over and through Coanda-effect screens and presents a numerical model for predicting screen performance. The paper also presents a model for evaluating the discharge coefficients of tilted-wire screens and shows that the discharge coefficient is a unique function of the Froude number and the screen geometry.

  • Hydraulic Testing of Static Self-Cleaning Inclined Screens (1995) - This paper reports results of the first series of laboratory tests conducted by Reclamation.

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