Engineering Monograph 42 (EM42)
Cavitation in Chutes and Spillways

SpillwayPro can be used to analyze water surface profiles and cavitation characteristics of high-velocity spillway flows, develop optimized spillway profiles for new structures, design spillway aerators to prevent cavitation damage, and perform post-event cavitation damage assessments.

SpillwayPro is an Excel spreadsheet implementation of the original DOS-based computer programs distributed with EM42.  The Excel spreadsheet has an improved user interface and new capabilities that are explained in the accompanying documents.

In 2021, SpillwayPro was again modified to improve the smooth-chute aerated flow calculations and add a new capability for modeling stepped chutes.  These improvements are described in the included article by Wahl and Falvey (2022).

Note:  The 1990-era DOS-based cavitation software that originally accompanied EM42 is no longer distributed.

Last Updated: 11/17/22