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This page provides download links for obtaining WinFlume, Version 1.06.0006 (released August 22, 2014). WinFlume is a Windows-based computer program used to design and calibrate long-throated flume and broad-crested weir flow measurement structures. The software was developed through the cooperative efforts of the Bureau of Reclamation , the Agricultural Research Service , and the International Institute for Land Reclamation & Improvement . Primary funding for WinFlume's development has come from the Bureau of Reclamation's Water Conservation-Field Services Program.

License Information

WinFlume was developed by the federal government and is in the public domain.

Download the Software

Download WinFlume - This version is compatible with Microsoft Windows 95 or newer operating systems.

See list of WinFlume revisions since version 1.0

Trapezoidal-throated weir in Idaho

Useful Related Tools and Information

  • New! Wall Gage CreatorThis stand-alone program allows users to create flow-graduated staff gages for any hydraulic structure for which a rating table or rating equation is known. If you want to create WinFlume-style gages for other kinds of structures, check this out.
  • Excel spreadsheets for estimating construction quantities of several common configurations of flumes and broad-crested weirs. Quantities may be estimated in English or metric units.
  • Standard designs - This paper provides precomputed standard-design structures for typical small to medium canals.

User's Manual

  • A user's manual in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format is included in the setup kit. This file can be viewed on screen or printed to produce a hard-copy manual. If you do not already have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your system, you may download it from the Adobe web site.
  • El software se escribe en inglés, pero un manual de usuario en español está disponible.
  • The software is written in English, but a user's manual in Spanish is available.


More Information


    This book serves as a user's manual for the WinFlume program and provides information on design, calibration, construction, and hydraulic theory of long-throated flumes and broad-crested weirs.

Last Updated: 7/9/18