About SRH-Mesh

SRH-Mesh is a software that can be used to develop hybrid two-dimensional (2D) mesh for hydraulic, sediment transport, and vegetation models.  It was developed at the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation with funding from Reclamation’s Research and Development Office.

Main features of the SRH-Mesh include:

  • Imports GIS geo-referenced images
  • Imports GIS geo-referenced shapefiles
  • Draws, edits, and redistributes geometry as sides of mesh
  • Imports large wood structures from library
  • Creates triangle, quadrilateral, mixed, and Voronoi meshes
  • Combines meshes
  • Assigns bed properties
  • Assigns polylines for boundary conditions
  • Assigns boundary conditions
  • Sets model parameters


  • SRH-Mesh User's Manual, Version 1.0, September 2019 (PDF 3.2 MB)
  • SRH-Mesh, Version 1.0, Distribution Package (ZIP 74 MB)

Last Updated: 10/24/19