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Environmental Issues in Water Delivery and Management
Water and Power Infrastructure Reliability
Water Operations Decision Support
Conserving or Expanding Water Supplies

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Science and Technology Research

The Science and Technology Program has various research categories with multiple research topics assigned to each one. The lead researcher for each project chooses one research topic when submitting the original proposal. Click on a highlighted Researcher link to learn more about that project's Principal Investigator or click on a linked project title to view that project's details.

Environmental Issues in Water Delivery and Management

Improve the reliability of Reclamation water deliveries by producing effective solutions, tools, and practices that Reclamation water managers can use to prevent water conflicts with the environmental demands on water supplies.

Researcher Title ID Start Year End Year
AuBuchon, Jonathan Field deployment of a continuous sediment load surrogate 7839 2016 2018
Blatchford, Douglas B. Evaluation of Approaches to Determine Mixing and Assimilation of Reuse Effluent 7100 2017 2019
Camp, Susan Exploring Techniques to Reduce Lamprey and Salmonid Entrainment into Canals 2621 2016 2018
Dombroski, Daniel Modeling of complex sediment processes using experimental data and laboratory measurements 1778 2017 2018
Foster, Melissa Using beryllium-10 derived erosion rates as a proxy for reservoir sedimentation 1792 2017 2019
Greimann, Blair Prediction of Reservoir Sediment Pressure Flushing 1754 2017 2019
Heiner, Bryan Hydraulically Driven Grinders to Mitigate Mussel Shell Debris 1847 2018 2020
Heiner, Bryan River restoration freeboard design requirements 1798 2017 2019
Heiner, Bryan Self-Cleaning Strainers and Filtration to Mitigate Mussel Impacts 1846 2018 2020
Holser, Denise Compendium of Close Pipe Control Technologies and Options 7136 2017 2018
Holser, Denise Ranking and Categorizing Aquatic Invasive Species Threatening Western US Waters 7135 2017 2018
Holste, Nathan Design of Low-Flow Ecosystem Features for Urban Flood Control Structures 1726 2017 2019
Hosler, Denise RDLES Dressinid Mussel Monitoring and Detection Laboratory 2617 2016 2018
Huang, Jianchun Victor Development of a new 2D structured and unstructured mesh generator for flow, sediment, temperature, groundwater, and vegetation modeling 1724 2017 2019
Huang, Jianchun Victor Improvement in the accuracy and speed of riparinan vegetation simulation 1781 2017 2019
Keele, Jacque Development of Methods for the Spectrophotometric Analysis of Water Supplies 1747 2017 2018
Keele, Jacque Molecular Methods for the Reclamation Detection Laboratory for Exotic Species (RDLES) 1748 2017 2019
Kelly, Kevin L. Alternate Control Strategy for Dreissinids Using Carbon Dioxide 1852 2018 2020
Kelly, Kevin L. Effective and Safe Decontamination for Underwater Inspection Equipment Exposed to Quagga and Zebra Mussels 1755 2017 2018
Kimbrel, Sean Pilot Studies of Reservoir Sustainability Options - Flushing and Sluicing 8235 2016 2018
Kimbrel, Sean Pilot Studies of Reservoir Sustainability Options - Large Reservoirs 9344 2016 2018
Korak, Julie Literature Review and Sampling Plan Development for San Juan River Water Quality Study 1790 2017 2019
Lai, Yong Robust Eco-Hydraulic 3D Modeling Tools for Rivers with Complex In-Stream Strcutures 1734 2017 2019
Leady, Zackary Development of a GPU Accelerated Salinity Module for the SRH-2D Platform 1883 2018 2020
Leady, Zackary Seasonal/Temporary Wetland/Floodplain Delineation using Remote Sensing and Deep Learning 1867 2018 2020
Nguyen-DeCorse, Hong Understanding sinusoidal flcutuations in the salinity in the Colorado River below Glen Canyon Dam, 1970-2016 1767 2017 2018
Olbert, Nohemi Quantitative Assessment of Water and Salt Balance for Cropping Systems in Lower Colorado River irrigation Districts 7107 2017 2019
Passamaneck, Yale Analysis of Microbial Communities in Constructed Wetlands 7134 2017 2018
Passamaneck, Yale Open access web-based database of invasive aquatic research and water quality data 7105 2017 2019
Passamaneck, Yale Sequencing of the quagga mussel genome as a tool for biocontrol 1866 2018 2020
Plaseied, Atousa Effect of Electric Fish Barriers on Corrosion and Cathodic Protection 1722 2017 2019
Pucherelli, Sherri Comparison of next-generation DNA sequencing to traditional morphological identification for environmental monitoring 1831 2018 2020
Rager, Audrey Invasive Mussel Veliger Morphology 1875 2018 2020
Shannon, James The Implementation of Flow-Temperature Artificial Neural Network Regression into Operations Planning Models 1859 2018 2019
Sixta, Mike Representation of Large Wood Structures Using a Two-Dimensional Model 1756 2017 2018
Stewart, Robert Development of Predictive Relationships for Sub-Grid Scale Flow Variability Within 2D Hydraulic Models for Improved Fisheries Habitat Quantification 1706 2017 2018
Tosline, Deborah Goodyear Pilot Wetlands: Developing Hydraulic Loading Rates, Hazardous Waste Disposal Requirements, and Optimum Operations for an Inland Concentrate Management Alternative 2922 2016 2018
Trujillo, Jolene Economic evaluation of activities associated with invasive mussel management 8142 2018 2020
Walker, Kent Literature review and synthesis of invasive mussel control techniques 1868 2018 2018
Walsh, Michael Reducing Canal Seepage through Long-Term Performance Linings 1743 2017 2019
Wang, Jun Research and Development of a Watershed-Scale Model/Tool for Simulating the Effects of Wildfires on Mercury Contamination of Land and Water 7112 2017 2019
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Water and Power Infrastructure Reliability

Improve the reliability of Reclamation water storage, water delivery, and hydropower facilities by producing or advancing effective solutions, tools, and practices that Reclamation facility managers can use to cost effectively maintain, modernize, and extend the life of Reclamation's aging infrastructure.R&D needs should be primarily related to Reclamation's operation and maintenance responsibilities. Safety of Dams R&D should be directed to Reclamation's Dam Safety Program.

Researcher Title ID Start Year End Year
Bartojay P.E., Katie Comparative Analysis on Reducing Concrete Shrinkage and Cracking 7644 2016 2018
Brown, April Ergonomic Scoping 1604 2016 2018
Brown, April Hearing Protector Fit Project 3810 2016 2018
Daniels, Christine Evaluation of Field Repairable Materials and Techniques for Cavitation Damage 8452 2016 2018
DeHaan, Jim Machine Condition Monitoring 1719 2017 2019
DeHaan, Jim Non-dispatchable Renewable Integration 2533 2016 2018
DeHaan, Jim Protection System Testing Improvements 1728 2017 2019
DeHaan, Jim Wireless Instrumentation Capability 1738 2017 2019
Eastment, Eric Power System Diagnostics 1776 2016 2018
Ellis, Chris Demonstration of Synthestic Sheet Piles to Improvement Canal Safety 1700 2017 2018
Few, Benjamin Use of Natural Ester Oil as a Dielectric for Power Transformers 1606 2015 2018
Germann, John Cavitation Detection Techniques for Optimizing Hydraulic Turbine Operation and Maintenance 8121 2018 2020
Gutierrez, Angel Application of Enzyme Induced Carbonate Precipitation (EICP) for Channel Lining and Repair, Low Volume Road Stabilization, Embankment Construction, and Erosion Control 1840 2018 2018
Gutierrez, Angel Bio-based barriers for seepage and internal erosion control 1833 2018 2018
Harrel, Shannon Permeability Compatibility Between Concrete Repair Material and Concrete Substrate 1863 2018 2020
Hernandez, Miguel Effects of Self-Healing Concrete on Aging Concrete Structures 1791 2017 2018
Klein, Matthew UAS Data Collection at Reclamation Sites 7104 2017 2019
Kubitschek, Joseph Underwater Imaging for Intake Trashracks at Glen Canyon to Assess of Mussel-Related Impacts 1733 2017 2019
Lindenbach, Evan Truckee Canal Seepage Study 1765 2017 2019
Little, Daryl Demonstration Project to Implement Electro-Osmotic Pulse (EOP) Technology to Stop Water Leaks Through Concrete 4553 2016 2018
Little, Daryl Determining Critical Crack Size and Water Pressure for Sealing Water Leaks using Electro-Osmotic Pulse 1764 2017 2019
Lucero, Catherine Ultra-High Performance Concrete for Concrete Repair and Canal Linings 1789 2017 2019
Mclean, Rory Large Synchronous Generators Computer Models 2417 2016 2018
Merten, Bobbi Jo Cost of Corrosion Control for Reclamation Penstocks and Gates 4724 2016 2018
Merten, Bobbi Jo Field Validation of Impedance Spectroscopy Coating Assessments 1884 2018 2020
Mortensen, Josh Hydraulic Impacts from Hydrokintic Installations 1707 2017 2018
Mortensen, Josh Improved Prediction of Hydrodynamic Loads on Spillway Gates 1836 2018 2018
Rager, Audrey Airborne Red, Near-IR, and Thermal-IR Multispectral Remore Sensing for Detecting Canal Seepage 7110 2017 2019
Shupe, Christopher Kit Flow Deflectors for Abrasion Damage Mitigation in Stilling Basins 8143 2018 2018
Skaja, Allen Continuation of Field Research on Advanced Coatings for Mussel Control 7089 2016 2018
Skaja, Allen Evaluating Corrosion Protection Methods for Riveted and Bolted Construction 1717 2017 2019
Swihart, Jay Durability Testing of Composite Materials for Reclamation Pipelines 9777 2016 2018
Tibbs, Kevin Explore the Feasibility of using Unmanned Aircraft Systems in managing Rockfall Hazard Areas 7109 2017 2019
Tordonato, David Investigation of corrosion resistant primers, barrier topcoats and duplex systems 1850 2018 2020
Torrey, Jessica Critical Review of PCCP at Reclamation 7108 2017 2019
Torrey, Jessica Safe Underwater Corrosion Condition Assessment of Structures 4279 2016 2018
Visser, Richard Dielectric Frequency Response of Generator Stator Windings 1862 2018 2020
Von Fay, Kurt Contraction Joint Leak Repairs - A Multi-Agency Collaboration Effort 7139 2017 2018
Winslow, David Facility Management of Reclamation's Dams - The Unified Intelligent Model 9748 2016 2018
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Water Operations Decision Support

Develop solutions and tools that help Reclamation water managers make effective reservoir and river system operational and planning decisions through better integration, evaluation, understanding, and presentation of critical data and information.

Researcher Title ID Start Year End Year
Danner, Allison Developing a Sustainable Framework to Support Open Data for Reclamations Colorado River Basin Decision Support Systems 5541 2016 2018
Danner, Allison Expanding to New Data Domains in the Reclamation Information Sharing Environment (RISE) 7127 2017 2018
Godaire, Jeanne Paleoflood Hydrology of the Colorado River System: Implication for Climate Changes 1736 2017 2018
Herbst, George Environmental Resources Data Mapping Pilot to support Reservoir Operations Planning 1758 2017 2018
Holman, Kathleen Development of Web-based Stochastic Storm Transposition Toolkit for Physically-based Rainfall and Flood Hazard Analysis 1735 2017 2019
Johnson, Jennifer Assessing the relative contributions of hydrologic models to bias corrected future projected climate flows. 1797 2017 2018
Lanini, Jordan Risk-based decision making in reservoir operations 1881 2018 2020
Llewellyn, Dagmar Detecting, Interpretingm, and Modeling Hydrollogic Extremes to Support Flexible Water Management and Planning 1782 2017 2018
Mcguire, Marketa Developing process-based and spatially consistent approaches for correcting streamflow biases in watershed hydrology simulations 1895 2018 2020
Nowak, Kenneth Building capacity for addressing future uncertainty in Reclamation's long-term planning and decisionmaking process 1771 2017 2018
Nowak, Kenneth LOCA 7131 2017 2018
Nowak, Kenneth National Water Model Assessment for Reclamation's Water Management Needs 1774 2017 2019
Stone, Amanda Identifying Sources of Uncertainy in Flood Frequency Analysis 1794 2017 2019
Tansey, Michael West-wide Evapotranspiration Forecast Network 1763 2017 2019
Tosline, Deborah Impacts of Grade Control Structure Installations on Hydrology and Sediment Transport as an Adaptive Management Strategy 1751 2017 2019
Wright, Michael Assessing potential future changes in atmospheric rivers over the western coast of the U.S. 1816 2018 2019
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Conserving or Expanding Water Supplies

Enhance water supplies for Reclamation stakeholders with new technologies, solutions, and practices that expand, liberate, or conserve water supplies.

Researcher Title ID Start Year End Year
Delagah, Saied An Ultra-low-cost Thermal Energy Storage System using Reverse Osmosis Concentrate 8133 2018 2018
Flint, Leah Cost modeling of membrane desalination processes using Reclamation’s WaTER model 1877 2018 2020
Guerra, Katherine Research to identify how to improve existing desalination approaches to reduce primary energy use 1769 2017 2019
Hosler, Denise Determining ts of Long Term Use of RO Concentrate on Atriplex Species, Soil characteristics and Microbial Habitats 1780 2017 2019
Hosler, Denise Evaluation of an Innovative Constructed Wetland Designed to Remove Endocrine Disrupting Compounds from Reclaimed Wastewater 8896 2016 2018
Huggins, Richard Oxnard Saline Demonstration Wetland 7138 2015 2018
Keele, Jacque Antibiotic Resistance Bacteria in Reused Water 1744 2017 2019
Kennedy, Anthony Investigating Biochar as a Water Treatment Filtration Media for Adsorption and Biological Reduction of Dissolved Metals and Flouride 1785 2017 2019
White, Janet Refining Interpreation Techniques for Determingin Brackish Aquifer Water Quality 7106 2017 2018

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