Tribal Roles

Non-interactive red spacer. Funding comes from the Native American Affairs Program and specific funding authorities. Each activity shall serve Fe There are approximately ninety (90) Federally recognized tribes in the CGB Region. Tribes have a need to develop and manage their water resources (a problem exacerbated by a lack of water resources infrastructure and water quality, etc.), and some tribes have strong fishing tradition, requiring restoration and management of instream fishery trust resources, and a few have water rights settlements requiring implementation.

Non-interactive red spacer. The California-Great Basin is focused on partnering with Federal agencies and Tribes to provide participants multiple funding resources, leveraging opportunities, natural resources management, water quality resolutions, fish and wildlife management, and cultural resources administration. Long-term budget and strategic planning are the core of the program.

Non-interactive red spacer. Tribes are to be active participants and partners in formulating and implementing projects which might be funded through the Technical Assistance Program. Because tribes are encouraged to play an active role in projects, there will almost always be in-kind cost sharing, where tribal staff provides contract administration, inspection, direction, and consultation. Willing participants (Federal or non-Federal), either for cost-sharing, cooperation, or implementation, is encouraged, but not required.



Last Updated: 7/21/20