Non-interactive red spacer Funding comes from the Native American Affairs Program and specific funding authorities. Each activity shall serve Federally authorized Tribe's needs and pertain to the use, protection, or development of water related trust assets.

Specific Funding Authorities

  • Truckee Carson Pyramid Late Water Rights Settlement Act
  • Fallon Paiute shoshone Tribal Water Rights Settlement Act
  • Trinity Division Operations and Maintenance
  • Central Valley Project Improvement Act
  • Trinity River Basin Fish and Wildlife Management Act
  • Klamath Project Operations and Management
  • Truckee River Operating Agreement

Tribes currently receiving benefits

  • Hoopa Valley Tribe
  • Karuk Tribe
  • Yurok Tribe
  • Klamath Tribes
  • Fallon Paiute shoshone Tribe
  • Summit Lake Paiute Tribe
  • Duckwater Reservation
  • Ft. Bidwell Indian Reservation
  • South Fork Te-Moak Indian Reservation
  • Yaruba Shoshone
  • Pit River
  • Round Valley
Last Updated: 7/21/20