Native American Affairs Program

The Native American Affairs Program's purpose is to provide leadership for Reclamation's activites benefiting or otherwise affecting Indian tribes, to make the benefits of the Reclamation program available to Indian Tribes, and to fulfill Reclamation's Indian trust responsibilities.

Trust Responsibilities

Non-interactive red spacer Reclamation is legally obligated to ensure that Native American resources and lands are properly managed, protected and conserved. Reclamation stands in a fiduciary relationship to Native American tribes and thus has a legal obligation to protect "valuable Indian lands, water, minerals, and orther natural resources.


Non-interactive red spacer Funding comes from the Native American Affairs Program and specific funding authorities. Each activity shall serve Federally authorized Tribe's needs and pertain to the use, protection, or development of water related trust as sets. Additional information on other similiar Reclamation programs.


Last Updated: 7/21/20