Washoe Project

The Washoe Project originally planned for facilities in both the Carson and Truckee River basins. The basic plan for the Project was to provide supplemental irrigation water for existing projects, flood control, municipal, and industrial water supplies for Reno and Sparks, fish and wildlife benefits, and recreation. The features of the Washoe Project which have been constructed include: Stampede Dam, Reservoir and Power plant; Prosser Creek Dam and Reservoir; and Marble Bluff Dam and Pyramid Lake Fishway.

Facility:  Stampede Dam and Reservoir - Completed in 1969 this rolled earth and rock-filled structure is 239 feet high and 1,511 feet long. The water storage capacity is 226,500 acre-feet which is reserved by court decree for fishery enhancement, primarily for the spawning of the endangered cui-ui, along the Truckee River downstream from Derby Dam and facilities operation of the Pyramid Lake Fishway. The reservoir also provides flood control, recreation, a reservoir fishery, and other fishery improvements on the main Truckee River, Little Truckee River, and Boca Reservoir.
Facility:  Prosser Creek Dam and Reservoir - Prosser Creek Reservoir was the initial feature of the Washoe Project. The dam is an earthen structure 163 feet high and 1,830 feet long. It is capable of storing 29,800 acre-feet of water for flood control, recreation, and improvement of fishery flows in the Truckee River. Storage began in January 1963.
Marble Bluff Dam and Fishway - Marble Bluff Dam is located on the Truckee River about 3 miles upstream from Pyramid Lake. This rolled earth dam is 1,622 feet long and 35 feet high and was completed in 1975. It functions to reduce down-cutting of the river channel and to help stop erosion of Indian lands. It also can serve as a diversion and water control structure for the Pyramid Lake Fishway. The Fishway extends from the dam approximately 3 miles to Pyramid Lake. It can provide a passageway for Pyramid Lake fish to move up into the Truckee River to spawn, but has not been used since the fish lock became operable in 1998."


Last Updated: 4/6/17