Humboldt Project

The primary features of the Humboldt Project developed by Reclamation are the Rye Patch Dam and Reservoir, and the Battle Mountain Water Development and Collection System.  Rye Patch Dam was completed in 1936 to provide supplemental and carryover storage for use on the Pershing County Water Conservation District irrigated lands.  The Humboldt River flows are extremely variable and carryover storage is essential for the 30,000 acres of irrigated lands located near Lovelock.

Facility:  Rye Patch Dam and Reservoir -  Rye Patch Dam and Reservoir are located on theHumboldt River about 26 miles upstream from Lovelock, Nevada. The earthfill, rock-faced dam was completed in 1936 and is 914 feet wide and 75 feet high. The reservoir is 21 miles long and can store 190,000 acre-feet of water. The facility is operated byPershing County Water Conservation District.











Last Updated: 4/6/17