Southern California Area Office - Programs and Activities

Native American Affairs Program

The Bureau of Reclamation is committed to increasing opportunities for Indian Tribes to develop, manage and protect their water resources. This program is a collaborative, coordinated, integrated function in Reclamation to help reach these goals.

The Southern California Area Native American Affairs Program provides financial and technical assistance to federally recognized Native American Tribes. The program helps fulfill Reclamation's Trust responsibilities to Indian Tribes and facilitate their self-sufficiency by:

  • Understanding Tribal backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs;
  • Understanding Tribal water resources needs;
  • Determining ways within Reclamation's authority to meet those needs; and
  • Implementing mutually derived solutions in partnership with Tribes.

Reclamation is helping Tribes with many projects including wetlands restoration, deep groundwater supplies exploration and treatment, endangered species surveys and activities, groundwater monitoring wells installation, water management plan development, and general water supply/quality investigations. 

Need More Information?

If you have questions about this program, contact Leslie Cleveland, Native American Program Specialist, at or by phone at: (951) 695-5310.



Last Updated: 6/5/15