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Notice: Visitor Center Renovation - October 1, 2018 through February 14, 2019
From October 1, 2018 through February 14, 2019 the Hoover Dam Visitor Center will be undergoing renovation. During this time, a modified guided tour of the Nevada wing of the power plant will be offered, with access to the Exhibit Area, Observation Deck, and top of the dam. More information to come in future weeks.

Photo of Hoover Dam Visitor Center.

Reclamation to offer modified Hoover Dam tours during visitor center remodel and tour elevator upgrades

On October 1, construction began to remodel and enhance one level of the Hoover Dam Visitor Center and modernize the facility’s primary tour elevators. Construction work is scheduled to be completed by February 14, 2019. To accommodate the construction, temporary alteration of its internal tour and Visitor Center operations is necessary. “We look forward to improving our Visitor Center and tour capabilities. These improvements will enhance our visitors’ experience well into the future,” said Leonard C. Schilling, Area Manager of the Lower Colorado Dams Office. Read More  →

Buy Tickets for Hoover Dam Powerplant Tour - This link will open a new window that takes you to our partner site with Denison Parking where you can purchase tickets on-line in advance of your visit. Note: You can also purchase tickets at Hoover Dam in person, seven days a week (except Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.)

Amenties and Visitation Hints
For More Information

The Bureau of Reclamation has conducted tours through the Hoover Dam and powerplant since 1937. Today, close to 1,000,000 visitors a year take the tour and millions more drive across the dam.

The dam is located 30 miles southeast of Las Vegas. Take US Highway 93 to Nevada State Route 172. The dam is on the Nevada-Arizona border. Click here for maps and driving/parking instructions, and directions on where to go after you get here. 

Hours of Operation:
Note: All times are for the Pacific Time Zone.

Parking Garage: Open 8:00 a.m. -- Close 5:15 p.m. 
Parking fee: $10.00

Visitor Center: Open 9:00 a.m. -- Close 5:00 p.m. (Visitor Center tickets must be purchased by 4:15 p.m. for access)


Visitor Center Tickets sold from 9 AM – 4:15 PM

Power Plant Tour Tickets sold from 9 AM – 3:45 PM

Dam Tour Tickets sold on a first come first serve basis starting at 9 AM until sold out. (Dam tours are limited to 20 people, must be at least 8 years old to go on this tour, and the tours may sell-out well in advance of last tour time)

The Hoover Dam Visitor Center is open every day of the year except for Thanksgiving and Christmas.


NOTE: The guided Powerplant Tour takes about 30 minutes, while the Dam Tour lasts nearly one hour. If you take one of these guided tours, and want to discover all the other features at Hoover Dam (not included on the guided tours), plan about two hours or more for your entire visit.

Tour Options and Admission Fees:

Powerplant Tour - Includes 30-minute guided tour and admission to 
the Visitor Center & Powerplant
(for a detailed description of the tour, click here)

Adults (Ages 17-61) $15.00
Seniors (62+) $12.00
Juniors (ages 4-16) $12.00
U.S. Military $12.00
U.S. Military (in Uniform) Free
Children (Ages 0-3) Free
Visitor Center Admission Tickets are available for purchase inside the Hoover Dam Visitor Center everyday, except Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Visitor Center tickets must be purchased by 4:15 pm for access

Hoover Dam Tour - Includes 1-hour guided tour, and admission to 
the Visitor Center, Powerplant & Dam Passageways (for a detailed description 
of the tour, click here)

Adults, Seniors, Juniors & U.S. Military $30.00
NO children under age 8 permitted
Note: This tour is NOT accessible for visitors 
with wheelchairs or crutches

Due to situations beyond our control, Dam tours may be cancelled periodically with no prior notice.

NOTE: Dam Tour tickets CANNOT be purchased on-line - they are available on a first come-first served basis and must be purchased in person at Hoover Dam. Major credit cards and cash are accepted.

Visitor Center Admission - This option allows entry into the Visitor Center WITHOUT access to the tours of the dam or powerplant.

Adults, Seniors, Juniors & U.S. Military $10.00
Children ages 3 and under Free

Visitor Center Admission Tickets are available for purchase inside the Hoover Dam Visitor Center everyday, except Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Visitor Center tickets must be purchased by 4:15 pm for access

Hoover Dam Visitor Center and Parking Garage
Amenities and Visitation Hints

Restrooms are located on Level 1 of the Parking Garage, on the Theater and Exhibit levels of the Visitor Center, adjacent to the Old Exhibit Building, and in the downstream face towers on top of the dam.

Food is available through a concession service at the base of the Parking Garage.

Gift shop concession is located at the base of the Parking Garage.

The Hoover Dam Visitor Center and the Powerplant Tour are wheelchair/scooter accessible. The Dam Tour is NOT accessible. Guests with wheelchairs, strollers and other mobility equipment can enter the Visitor Center (one floor below street level) via an elevator inset into the canyon wall a few yards past the escalator entrance. 

Hoover Dam also has wheelchairs available ($5 charge) in the Parking Garage for visitor use for the Powerplant Tour or visiting other locations around the dam site.

  • Complimentary parking is offered at the parking garage for those with accessibility needs. Please show your sticker/placard to the garage attendant.
  • Tour scripts are available upon request.
  • Accessibility restrooms are located at the parking garage and inside the Visitor Center.

Sign language interpretation can be requested for tours with a minimum of 14 days advanced notice, by contacting 702-494-2518.  Guests will be contacted prior to their visit to verify arrangements.

red cross iconHealth Advisory: 
The tours are NOT RECOMMENDED for anyone who suffers from claustrophobia, or has a pacemaker or defibrillator. Tours are conducted in confined spaces and in a powerplant with generators emitting electromagnetic fields.

Visitation Tips:
  • The busiest season at Hoover Dam is in the summer from Memorial Day until Labor Day. 

  • The slowest months for visitation are January and February. The least crowded time of day for tours is from opening until 10:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. until closing. 

  • Traffic around the dam during holidays and weekends can be extremely heavy with long delays on the roadways to the site. 

  • To enjoy the site entirely, we recommend visitors arrive by 2:00 p.m. as pedestrians are prohibited from the top of the dam during hours of darkness.

  • Due to periodic elevator malfunctions or unscheduled maintenance issues, Hoover Dam tours may not always be available. Visitor Center admissions are available at all times.

  • Hoover Dam is located in a desert climate. It is extremely HOT in the summer. During summer months it is recommended that you wear light clothing and a hat, use sunscreen and sun glasses, and carry water bottles on the tour.



"America the Beautiful - National Parks and Federal Recreation Lands Pass" (replaces Golden Eagle, Golden Age, Golden Access and National Parks passports) discounts are NOT ACCEPTED for admission to the Hoover Dam Visitor Center, or powerplant and dam tours. This pass can be used for admission to parks and facilities that receive benefits and revenues from the Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act (like Lake Mead National Recreation Area); however, Hoover Dam is entirely self-funded and does not receive revenues through this Act.


Commercial trucks (18-wheelers) are prohibited from entering the dam site. Most passenger vehicles are allowed to cross the dam, but all are subject to inspection at the Nevada security checkpoint. (Note: Contents of moving vans and enclosed campers must be easily inspected.)

Motorhomes and other high clearance vehicles (with dimensions greater than 10.5 feet high and 23 feet long) CANNOT park in the Parking Garage and must use parking areas on the Arizona side of the dam. For more information, see "Visiting Hoover Dam: A Traveler's Guide" (.pdf file - 45 KB).

  • Knives of any kind and weapons are NOT ALLOWED in the Visitor Center.

  • Food, chewing gum, canned drinks and drinks in cups are NOT ALLOWED on tour or in the buildings. Water bottles are permitted.

  • All visitors to the Visitor Center are required to enter the facility through a security checkpoint. Cameras, purses, small-size backpacks, and camera tripods are permitted. All carry-in possessions will be scanned. 

  • Stopping on top of the dam in any vehicle is prohibited.

  • Pedestrians are not allowed on the top of the dam during hours of darkness. 

  • Pets are not allowed anywhere on site; service animals are permitted.

For More Information

For reservation information about Hoover Dam tours, contact us during operating hours at:

Tel: (702) 494-2517
Toll free: (866) 730-9097

We can also be reached at denisonparking210@gmail.com

For Telecommunications Relay Services (TRS) Dial: 711

Note: If you have problems with the online reservation system, 
please e-mail ejyoung@usbr.gov about your experience.

Last Updated: 10/3/18