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The Hoover Dam Police Department receives a large number of requests for our uniform patches and other departmental insignia and identifiers.  However, we do NOT participate in patch exchange programs, nor do we provide these items to the public. 

The Hoover Dam Police Department -- a presence at the dam since the early 1930's -- provides security and law enforcement services for Hoover Dam and its surrounding security zone. This area of jurisdiction encompasses approximately 22 square miles, including a portion of Nevada State Route 172.

Hoover Dam police provide a wide variety of services, including:

  • enforcement of federal and state laws and regulations in the security zone in both Nevada and Arizona;
  • assistance for local and federal law enforcement agencies with various assignments, such as handling motor vehicle accidents, traffic violations, public assistance, and the apprehension of wanted persons;
  • protecting employees and visitors from physical harm;
  • investigating crimes against people and property;
  • responding to fire or hazardous materials spills in the jurisdiction;
  • checking detection alarm devices, identification passes and buildings;
  • protecting the dam from attack or terroristic threats; and
  • preparing and maintaining various reports, records and logs.

Whether it's protecting the dam, assisting travelers, halting the transport of narcotics, or simply providing directions or photo opportunities, our officers and the entire Hoover Dam Security Team are here to serve.

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Last Updated: 3/12/18