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Construction Era Photographs of Hoover Dam
Photo - Black Canyon before construction began, 1922. 
Black Canyon before construction began, 1922
52 KB, 497 X 395
Photo - Two men in front of a tent. 
During the Depression jobs were hard to come by, and when it was announced that Hoover Dam construction was about to begin, thousands came looking for work, 1931
120 KB, 720 X 600
Photo - high scalers in Black Canyon. 
High scalers drilling into canyon wall 500 feet above the Colorado River in Black Canyon, site of Hoover Dam, 1932
Photo # Wash No 01333
54 KB, 500 X 396
Photo - Early construction in Black Canyon 
Early construction in Black Canyon
60 KB, 431 X 300
Photo - Jumbo Rig 
Before the Dam could be built the Colorado River had to be diverted through tunnels. This piece of equipment, named a Jumbo Rig, was designed to speed up the tunnel drilling process. Built on the back of a 10-ton truck, 24 to 30 drills could be operated at once.
138 KB, 770 X 557
Tunnel Entrance 
Tunnel Entrance
49 KB, 500 X 427

Photo - Tunnel bulkhead 
Tunnel bulkhead
61 KB, 500 X 362

Photo - Tunnel Concrete 
After the tunnel was completed it was lined with three feet of concrete
35 KB, 500 X 353

Photo - Black Canyon with cofferdams in place. 
Black Canyon showing conditions at the dam sit prior to beginning of excavation between the cofferdams, 1933.
Photo # BCP-01634
63 KB, 396 X 500
Photo - Excavation of river bed begins 
Excavation of river bed begins
71 KB, 401 X 500
Photo - Setting the foundation 
Setting the foundation
44 KB, 500 X 366
Photo - Powerhouse under construction 
Powerhouse under construction
92KB, 600 X 474
Photo - Hoover Dam under construction, almost finished 
Almost finished
Photo # BCP-3252
61 KB, 600 X 497
Photo - Hoover Dam upstream face, 1935 
Upstream face, 1935
49 KB, 601 X 480
Photo - Hoover Dam after construction completed. 
Photo # P45-300-01501
57 KB, 500 X 411

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