Job Descriptions

Hydroelectric Plant Mechanics

Is dissecting your home plumbing just not satisfying anymore? Do you want to do more with your mechanical skills in the field of water resources management?

Reclamation has the perfect opportunity for you to expand your talents. As a plant mechanic in one of our 58 hydroelectric plants throughout the 17 Western states, you would be a caretaker for some of the Nation's most important electrical resources. In fact, we are the Nation's second largest hydroelectric power producer. These plants - which annually generate over 42 billion kilowatt-hours of energy - are constantly maintained to retain their peak efficiencies and production capacities. If you would like working on huge generator and turbine assemblies, massive compressors, or powerful pumps, come join our team and help keep the hydro-plants that power the West in peak operating condition.










Last Updated: 7/1/15