Job Descriptions

Engineers - Civil/Mechanical/Electrical/Hydraulic

Engineers - the cornerstone of Reclamation's history.

Over the past 100 years, skilled engineers have given Reclamation a rich history highlighted with the taming of rivers, the construction of massive dams and canal works, and the management of huge powerplants that brought settlement to the American West. Today, the roles and responsibilities of a Reclamation engineer within a particular discipline can range widely over a myriad of projects and programs, each challenging the innovation and creativity of a person working in this field. For example, a civil engineer can go from designing a cost-effective bridge or dam in one project, to creating wetland areas or fish rearing coves in another. Creating operational models of major river systems, performing safety inspections of dams - ranging from large concrete to small earthen structures, maintaining huge hydro-powerplants...all these tasks - and more! - are part of an exciting engineering career with Reclamation.









Last Updated: 7/1/15