Job Descriptions

Engineering Equipment Operators

So you like to drive the 'big rigs'?

As a federal agency that defined premier civil works projects throughout the 20th century, Reclamation has always valued the talents of skilled engineering equipment operators. And although our agency is no longer constructing large dams throughout the Western U.S., these skills are still needed today to develop new restoration and rehabilitation projects that help rebuild and maintain river channels, backwaters, wetlands, and parts of our aging infrastructure. The nature of water and river systems is ever-changing and to help balance the needs of the natural ecosystem and those of mankind, our projects are often maintained using manpower and heavy equipment. Tractors, graders, dozers, back-hoes, front end loaders and other machines are used in a variety of ways at our work sites. And in addition to operating on the traditional land-based worksite, we often use this equipment on dredges, barges or other floating platforms to access backwaters, wetlands and other areas that are not accessible by land. If you would like to operate these "big rigs" in some unique locations and in challenging - and sometimes amphibious! - conditions, Reclamation can offer you boundless opportunities in this career field.








Last Updated: 7/1/15