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We welcome you to join our team. Let us help you find out more about Reclamation's programs or apply for a position in the field that interests you most.

To learn more about available positions, please write, visit, or call the Human Resources staff in any of our offices located throughout the West. Or, you may obtain information and an application form at our web site by clicking How to Apply. A listing of our current job openings is available by clicking Current Job Openings.

17 Western States - Regional Offices Pacific Northwest Great Plains Mid-Pacific Lower Colorado Upper Colorado
Office Geographic Area Covered

Human Resources Operations 
Denver Federal Center
Building 67, Attn: 84-58000
PO Box 25007
Denver, CO 80225-0007
(303) 445-2684

Colorado (Denver-Lakewood) and Washington, DC

Pacific Northwest Region 
1150 N. Curtis Rd., Suite 100 
Boise, ID 83706-1234
(208) 378-5155

Idaho, Northwestern Montana, Oregon, Washington, and Northwestern Wyoming

Mid-Pacific Region 
2800 Cottage Way 
Sacramento, CA 95825-1898 
(916) 978-5476

Northern California, Northern Nevada, and Southern Oregon

Lower Colorado Region 
Attn: LC-5000 
PO Box 61470 
Boulder City, NV 89006-1470 
(702) 293-8000

Arizona, Southern California, Western New Mexico, and Southern Nevada

Upper Colorado Region 
Attn: UC-502, Room 6107 
125 South State Street 
Salt Lake City, UT 84138-1102 
(801) 524-3686

Northeastern Arizona, Western Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Texas, and Southwestern Wyoming
Great Plains Region 
Attn: GP-3500 
PO Box 36900 
316 North 26th Street 
Billings, MT 59101-1362 
(406) 247-7696
Eastern Colorado, North Dakota, South Dakota, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas, and Wyoming


Last Updated: 7/1/15