Job Descriptions

Administrative Support Specialist

Do you like to manage the "big bucks" or consider yourself a "people person"?

Although contract, finance, and human resource specialists are generally considered "support" staff of agencies, they have "starring" roles in Reclamation work. Our massive construction projects that affect thousands of communities would not have been possible without the development of complex budgetary agreements and the selection of talented contractors. And with skilled technical and administrative staff continuing to join our agency, Reclamation remains one of the world leaders in water and natural resource management efforts. This distinctive reputation is made possible by the work of our specialists in the finance, contract, and human resources fields - all of whom are dedicated to ensuring quality programs, projects and people continue to be in the spotlight of our accomplishments. If you like money - and would like to manage millions of dollars in budgets and contracts - or see yourself as a "people person" - who can help select the personnel that will continue our legacy of quality resource management into the next 100 years - then Reclamation has a place for you.









Last Updated: 7/1/15