Cost Estimating

Reclamation Manual

Construction Cost Trends

The Bureau of Reclamation’s Construction Cost Trends (CCT) are developed to track 35 classes/components of construction relevant to the types of projects and features being constructed by the organization. These trends/indexes have been developed and published on a quarterly basis since 1940. Indexes prior to Calendar Year 2000 can be obtained upon request by contacting the Technical Service Center's (TSC) Estimating Services Group.

The CCTs are considered a valuable asset used by many within Reclamation for use in Appropriation Ceiling Indexing, as well as by numerous clients from other government entities and the private sector.

It should be noted that Reclamation Directive and Standard (D&S), FAC 09-01 — Cost Estimating, recommends “repricing” of all cost estimates that are greater than 5 years old rather than utilizing an indexing approach for updating cost estimates. More information can be found on this topic in the D&S noted/listed above.

Last Updated: 5/22/18