Policy & Directives

The Reclamation Manual consists of a series of Policy and Directives and Standards. Collectively, these releases assign program responsibility and establish and document Bureau of Reclamation-wide methods of doing business.

Policies reflect the Commissioner's leadership philosophy and principles and defines the general framework in which Reclamation pursues its mission. Policy is structured to encourage innovation to accomplish implementation at the local level. Policies are signed by the Commissioner.

The Policies for which TSC is responsible are:

Report Number        Title, Date Download
FAC P03 Performing Design and Construction Activities 07/13/2015
FAC P09 Cost Estimating 10/30/2007

Directives and Standards provide the level of detail necessary to ensure consistent application of Policy Reclamation-wide. However, Directives and Standards are also structured to provide flexibility to local offices, allowing the unique aspects of each Reclamation project and program to be taken into consideration. Directives and Standards are signed by the Senior Executive of the program function as delegated by the Commissioner. The Directives for which TSC is responsible are:

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