S&T Research: Invasive Mussels

Below is a query of the latest Research and Development Office (R&D) Science and Technology (S&T) funded projects related to invasive mussels as of the end of FY 2017.

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Researcher Title ID Start Year End Year
Merlynn D Bender Zebra and Quagga Mussels: Scoping to Incorporate Mussels in Flow and Water Quality Models 2320 2010 2010
Kevin Bloom Using Freshwater Sponge Chemical/Mechanical Defense as a Bio-Control for Mussel Settlement 3908 2015 2015
Mark D Bowen Biological Impacts on Reclamation Operations from Climate Change 5891 2011 2011
Mark D Bowen Zebra and Quagga Mussels: Non-Physical Barriers (NPB) for Fish Protection and Avoiding Mussel Impacts 8531 2010 2010
Douglas Clark Scoping Tools for Water Conflict Management 1380 2014 2014
Bryan Heiner Cyclone Separators to Mitigate Mussel Shell Debris 8169 2016 2017
Bryan Heiner Hydraulically Driven Grinders to Mitigate Mussel Shell Debris 1847 2018 2020
Bryan Heiner Modernization of Trashrack Raking Systems to Manage Quagga Mussel Settlement 2675 2011 2013
Bryan Heiner Self-Cleaning Strainers and Filtration to Mitigate Mussel Impacts 1846 2018 2020
Chris Holdren Ecological Impacts and Possible Environmental Controls of Zebra/Quagga Mussels on Reclamation Reservoirs 6003 2013 2013
Chris Holdren Ecological Impacts of Dreissenids on Cyanobacteria-Producing Toxins in Western Reservoirs 2358 2011 2011
Chris Holdren Zebra and Quagga Mussels: Pre- and Post- Impacts of Zebra/Quagga Mussels on the Physical, Chemical, and Biological Attributes on Reclamation Reservoirs 2113 2010 2010
Denise Holser Compendium of Close Pipe Control Technologies and Options 7136 2017 2018
Mike Horn Impact of Quagga Introduction on Reservoir Water Quality 3318 2011 2011
Mike Horn Impact of Quagga Mussel Introduction on Particulate Organic Matter Drift, Ecosystem Level Impacts 3997 2011 2012
Denise Hosler Ranking and Categorizing Aquatic Invasive Species Threatening Western US Waters 7135 2017 2018
Denise Hosler Biologic Control Tests for Mussel Control 1625 2016 2017
Denise Hosler Detecting Environmental Impacts of Invasive Mussel Infestations: Development of an Algae and Zooplankton Database using FlowCamâ„¢ Technology 2387 2014 2015
Denise Hosler Detection of Invasive Mussel Environmental DNA (eDNA) by Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) 8912 2014 2014
Denise Hosler Dressinid Mussel Monitoring and Detection Laboratory 5042 2013 2015
Denise Hosler Predicting Mussel Invasions with Predictive Modeling 3410 2015 2015
Denise Hosler RDLES Dressinid Mussel Monitoring and Detection Laboratory 2617 2016 2018
Denise Hosler Zebra and Quagga Mussels: Viability of _Dreissenid_ Veligers through our Conveyance Systems and Downstream Rivers 4454 2010 2010
Douglas Hurcomb SEM Characterization of Drain Biofouling for Dreissenid Mussels 2427 2013 2013
Cathy Karp Impact of Quagga and Zebra Mussels on Reclamation Fish and Habitat Restoration Activities 5123 2008 2008
Cathy Karp Investigating New Fish Screening Technology and Modification of Existing Infrastructure to Reduce Impacts of Invasive Quagga and Zebra Mussels on Reclamation Facilities 4111 2010 2012
Cathy Karp Life history and ecological impacts of quagga mussels in Lake Havasu, Lower Colower River 9084 2014 2015
Cathy Karp Testing ability of widely used fish screens to resist quagga mussel fouling 4923 2013 2013
Cathy Karp Testing ability of widely used fish screens to resist quagga mussel fouling 5740 2014 2015
Cathy Karp Zebra and Quagga Mussels: Fish Predation on Quagga Mussels 9508 2010 2013
Jacque Keele Predictive Dreissenid Mussel Modeling for the Western United States (Project Page Coming Soon!) 8110 2017 2018
Jacque Keele Development of Methods for the Spectrophotometric Analysis of Water Supplies 1747 2018 2020
Jacque Keele Development of Standard Operating Procedures for the Detection of Invasive Species of Emerging Concern 1248 2016 2016
Jacque Keele Molecular Methods for the Reclamation Detection Laboratory for Exotic Species (RDLES) 1748 2017 2019
Jacque Keele Optimization of Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Primers for Early Detection of Quagga and Golden Mussels 3688 2014 2014
Jacque Keele Using Genetic Manipulation to Control Invasive Species 1746 2017 2017
Jacque Keele Using Microbiome Analysis to Assess the Impact of the Dreissenid Mussel Populations on the Ecology of Lake Mead 5385 2016 2016
Kevin L. Kelly Alternate Control Strategy for Dreissinids Using Carbon Dioxide 1367 2013 2013
Kevin L. Kelly Alternate Control Strategy for Dreissinids Using Carbon Dioxide 1852 2018 2020
Kevin L. Kelly Aquatic Species Surveillance Using Environmental DNA 2105 2014 2014
Kevin L. Kelly Early Warning Detection of Zebra Mussels 8487 2007 2008
Kevin L. Kelly Effective and Safe Decontamination for Underwater Inspection Equipment Exposed to Quagga and Zebra Mussels 1755 2017 2018
Kevin L. Kelly Performance Testing for Polymerase Chain Reaction Assays 7954 2014 2015
Kevin L. Kelly Production and Testing of Antibodies for Dreissena Mussels 9640 2011 2014
Kevin L. Kelly Zebra and Quagga Mussels: Control of __Dreissena__ BioFouling Using Carbon Dioxide 9530 2010 2010
Kevin L. Kelly Zebra and Quagga Mussels: Molecular Monitoring and Viability of _Dreissena_ Veligers 6911 2010 2010
Joseph Kubitschek Impacts and costs study at LCDO facilities 1608 2016 2016
Joseph Kubitschek Underwater Imaging for Intake Trashracks at Glen Canyon to Assess of Mussel-Related Impacts 1733 2017 2019
Ron LeBlanc Solutions to Mussel Infestation Issues in Fire Protection and Other Systems at Reclamation Facilities 6002 2012 2012
Bobbi Jo Merten Mussel Adhesive as a Corrosion-Resistant Coating 7419 2013 2013
Josh Mortensen Creating Turbulence to Prevent Invasive Mussel Colonization within Pipelines 9829 2011 2012
Josh Mortensen Creating Turbulence to Prevent Mussel Colonization in Pipelines - Continued 7169 2013 2013
Josh Mortensen Optimization of Turbulence Generation System to Prevent Invasive Mussel Colonization within Pipelines 4183 2014 2015
Josh Mortensen Resistance of Protective Coatings and Pipe Linings to High-Pressure Water Jets Used for Invasive Mussel Removal and Cleaning 1740 2011 2012
Mark Nelson Zebra and Quagga Mussels: Environmental Effects and Spread of Quagga and Zebra Mussels in Flowing Water Systems in the western U.S. 4442 2010 2012
Fred Nibling Management of Quagga and Zebra Mussels for Preventing Blockage of Water in Delivery Systems and Protecting Infrastructure 3582 2008 2008
Fred Nibling Zebra and Quagga Mussels: Controlling Quagga and Zebra Mussels in Reclamation Facilities with Bacteria (_Pseudomonas fluorescens_ [Pf]) 7017 2010 2010
Fred Nibling Zebra and Quagga Mussels: Evaluation of Ultraviolet (UV) Light Treatment To Minimize Impacts of Larval Settlement in Facilities 2392 2010 2010
Scott OMeara San Justo Mussel Eradication Project 1610 2016 2016
Yale Passamaneck Literature Review/Synthesis 1609 2016 2017
Yale Passamaneck Open access web-based database of invasive aquatic research and water quality data 7105 2017 2019
Yale Passamaneck Sequencing of the quagga mussel genome as a tool for biocontrol 1866 2018 2020
Sherri Pucherelli Best Practices for Mussel Control and Mitigation at Hydropower and Water Delivery Facilities (Project Page Coming Soon!) 1876 2018 2019
Sherri Pucherelli Comparison of next-generation DNA sequencing to traditional morphological identification for environmental monitoring 1831 2018 2019
Sherri Pucherelli Evaluation of the Impact of Ultra-Violet Light Treatment on Quagga Mussel Veligers at Davis Dam 891 2014 2014
Sherri Pucherelli Habitat Suitability Parameters for Invasive Mussels at Reclamation Managed Facilities and Waters 6714 2013 2015
Sherri Pucherelli Impact of Sample Preservation on the Detection of Invasive Mussel Larvae (veligers) by Microscopy and PCR 3157 2014 2014
Sherri Pucherelli Impact of UV Treatment on Hydroid Biofouling in Generator Cooling Pipes at Parker Dam 1712 2017 2017
Sherri Pucherelli Impacts of mussels and hydroids in the LCR 1626 2016 2017
Sherri Pucherelli Microsatellite Analysis of Quagga Mussel Genetic Variability in the Colorado River System 6712 2016 2016
Sherri Pucherelli Using Microsatellite Analysis to Track Changes in Quagga Mussel Populations in the Western United States 9120 2015 2015
Audrey Rager Invasive Mussel Veliger Morphology 1875 2018 2020
Audrey Rager Studying the Morphology of Invasive Mussel Veligers Using 3D Models Created With a Scanning Electron Microscope 7361 2015 2015
Audrey Rager Studying the Morphology of Invasive Mussel Veligers Using 3D Models Created With a Scanning Electron Microscope 4176 2016 2017
Allen Skaja Antifouling Coatings for Invasive Mussel Control 7095 2010 2015
Allen Skaja Biochemical and Biomechanical Characteristics of Invasive Mussel Adhesion 5091 2011 2011
Allen Skaja Continuation of Field Research on Advanced Coatings for Mussel Control 7089 2016 2018
Allen Skaja Durable Silicone Foul-release Coatings Formulations CRADA 809 2014 2016
Allen Skaja Research and Development of Durable Foul Release Coatings 8305 2012 2013
Zak Sutphin Effects of Pseudomonas Fluorescens, a Biological Control Agent for Quagga and Zebra Mussels, on Growth, Health, and Survival of Fish 6407 2011 2012
David Tordonato Field Scale-up testing of Foul Release Coatings 5270 2013 2015
David Tordonato Investigation of Molybdenum Disulfide and Tungsten Disulfide as Additives to Coatings for Foul Release Systems 1417 2011 2011
David Tordonato Study to Determine the Feasibility of Overcoating Coal Tar Enamel with Foul Release Coatings 3104 2011 2011
Jolene Trujillo Economic evaluation of activities associated with invasive mussel management 8142 2018 2020
Kent Walker Literature review and synthesis of invasive mussel control techniques 1868 2018 2018
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